NFL Mock Draft (4/1/02)

The draft is later this month and I'll try to keep you up to date on there the Cane players may end up. We'll provide a weekly update up until the draft. It looks like a strong possibility that Miami will have four players drafted in the first round again!

1. Texans: QB David Carr
In terms of intangibles, Carr is the highest rated player in the draft. The Texans want high character individuals with talent. Carr fits the description perfectly.

2. Panthers: DE Julius Peppers
The Panthers new Head Coach John Fox is a defensive guy. With Dan Morgan at the Middle LB spot, he would like to keep building the defense. Peppers is the most physically talented player in the draft, he has natural tools that aren't taught.

3. Lions: CB Quentin Jammer
Jammer is a tough, physical CB that would fit in the Lions system. Millen wants tough guys and Jammer would offer that intimidating press CB.

4. Bills: OT Bryant McKinnie
Mount McKinnie has the raw potential to get better once he gets in an NFL camp. The Bills have numbers on the O-Line they just need more talent.

5. Chargers: DT John Henderson
This isn't a popular pick. Most expect the Chargers to go after a O-Lineman. Henderson has franchise tackle written all over him.

6. Cowboys: DT Wendell Bryant
The Cowboys recently signed La'Roi Glover. Glover is more of a pass rushing tackle and won't help much to stop the running game. Bryant has the quickest first step of all the DT's in the draft.

7. Vikings: CB Phillip Buchanon
PBuch has shutdown ability at the CB spot. The Vikings haven't been great at defending the pass.

8. Chiefs: QB Joey Harrington
This would allow Harrington to sit and learn. He could be the starter next season, but is not ready to start for an NFL team right now.

9. Jaguars: OT Mike Williams
Williams is a big guy that would help the Jags O-line that's been hurt by defections and injuries.

10. Bengals: S Roy Williams
Has the potential at SS to be a very good player in the right system. The Bengals are anemic for talent and Williams would be a great addition.

11. Colts: DT Albert Haynesworth
Haynesworth is big and full of potential inside. The Colts need talent along there D-Line.

12. Cardinals: WR Ashley Lelie
Lelie is tall, lean, and fast. His body says he's not ready to start in the NFL. This would be a good selection for both parties.

13. Saints: DT Ryan Sims
Sims would help the Saints get over the losses that have had during this offseason.

14. Titans: OT Mike Pearson
The Titans could use some youth along there O-Line. Pearson still needs to learn the nuances of the OTackle position and he would be able to learn in Tenneessee.

15. Giants: TE Jeremy Shockey
Shockey's ability to go over the middle would help the Giants WR's with there vertical routes.

16. Browns: RB William Green
Green is a franchise back who could be used as a pounder.

17. Falcons: S Ed Reed
Reed would take pressure off of Atlanta's CB's with his ability to play centerfield.

18. Redskins: RB TJ Duckett
The Skins have no depth in the backfield. Duckett has the talent to supplant Stephen Davis at anytime.

19. Broncos: OG Andre Gurode
The Broncos need aren't exactly on the O-Line, but you can't pass up talent like Gurode.

20. Seahawks: DE Kalimba Edwards
Edwards athletic ability is flat out sick, he has the ability to anchor Seattle's D-Line.

21. Raiders: WR Donte Stallworth
Stallworth would have the ability to learn from 2 of the best WR's that ever played the game.

22. Jets: CB Lito Sheppard
Sheppard has the ability to play in the cover 2 scheme that the Jets play.

23. Raiders: LB Napoleon Harris
The Raiders wanted an OLB and they get that in Harris.

24. Ravens: OG Toniu Fonoti
Fonoti would help a team that lost a lot this offseason.

25. Saints: WR Jabar Gaffney
The Saints want a WR that could complement Joe Horn. Gaffney is a smooth, fluid WR.

26. Eagles: DE Bryan Thomas
Thomas recently ran a 4.6 at 260 pounds. Thomas would add another speed rusherto the Eagles DE rotation.

27. 49ers: WR Josh Reed
Reed is the best player available and would give the Niners a legit No. 3 WR.

28. Packers: DT Larry Tripplett
Tripplett can be as good as he wants to be. The Pack could develop him into a great player.

29. Bears: TE Daniel Graham
Graham would give the Bears an intermediate threat that they lacked last season.

30. Steelers: WR Javon Walker
Not a need but Javon Walker ran a sub 4.3. The Steelers could use him to play next to Plaxico Burress.

31. Rams: OT Levi Jones
Jones would allow the Rams a chance at improving there depth along the O-Line.

32. Patriots: WR Antonio Bryant
Bryant has the ability to play with anybody when he wants to. New England would give him the chance to expand his game.

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