Practice Report: 8/20

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The Hurricanes practiced finished up practice for the week after their eighth practice in the last six days.

The team began practice at 8:30 and practiced for two hours. The practice featured a scrimmage with the defense outperforming the offense.

Look for the coaches to evaluate film from today and practice this week and make changes to the depth chart when the team resumes practice on Monday.

"We are still learning how to play the game. We have a lot of players that don't know how to play the game right now. It is combination of some really good defense and some really good defense. The defense really stepped it up today and the offense didn't. The offense wasn't off today, it was just bad."

"A lot of it is the offensive line. We had too many people in the backfield. I don't think we blocked people very well and it is certainly an area of concern when you turn people lose. We have got to get it corrected."

· The first unit offensive line was as follows: LT Winston LG Rochford C Wollschlager RG Bain RT Butler.

· The second unit offensive line was as follows: LT Rutledge LG Trump C Byrd RG Wimbs RT Youngblood.

· LB Jon Beason made a lot of plays today including a big hit on WR Ryan Moore on a screen play. Beason has been used a lot in blitzing from the weakside spot. Although he hasn't been in on the quarterback a lot, he is disrupting plays.

· LB Willie Williams also received credit from Coker for making a lot of plays. It is not a far fetched to belive that Williams is the fourth best linebacker on the team behind McIntosh, Gooden, and Beason.

· CB Randy Phillips picked off another pass thrown deep in the endzone, but was called for holding. It was a questionable call by the official, but the point is he made the play on the ball and came down with it. Phillips has been nothing less than spectacular this fall although he is still working on his cover skills. A lot of his interceptions have come when he turns at the right moment, giving up on his man for a second, and focusing on the ball.

· DE Thomas Carroll, DE Bryan Pata, and DE Calais Campbell all were pointed out by Coker after practice for having solid performances today. Those three along with Javon Nanton and Eric Moncur are a nice five guys to have in the rotation.

· TE DajLeon Farr scored a touchdown today when QB Kirby Freeman found his Texas counterpart and Farr scored as he ran by the defense. It is important for Farr to progress quickly as TE Greg Olsen and TE Buck Ortega have had a history of injuries.

· FS Kenny Phillips has received a lot of mention this fall, as he should. Today Coker addressed the potential of Phillips starting against Florida State, "Possibly, depending on what the depth chart looks like. We really haven't listed starters and we are watching people play. It is pretty obvious what he is doing--you (the media) aren't able to be out here all day, but when you are he is making plays. So yes, he is getting himself ready to play."

· QB Kyle Wright did not have opportunities today to throw the ball as the offensive line had a tough practice. Wright did lead his team to a touchdown when the team practiced their overtime drill in which the ball is set on the 25-yardline. Wright completed a 13-yard pass to Quadtrine Hill on 3rd-and-11 and found Greg Olsen for 13-yard touchdown down the middle of the field.

· LB Romeo Davis is currently the first team middle linebacker, but the coaches were not happy with him today. Davis allowed Olsen to score down the middle of the field leaving him wide open. Defensive coordinator Randy Shannon was very vocal with Davis about is frustrations.

· The Hurricanes were ranked ninth today in the preseason AP Poll. When Coker was asked earlier today prior to the announcement if the rankings will mean anything he responded, "They didn't see us today because if they had I don't think we would be number 8 today--we might be in the top 25."

· CB Devin Hester is still bothered by a turf toe and there is no reason to rush him back until game week. He is currently being guarded since he is not able to push off.

· OL Tyler McMeans did not practice as he hurt his arm. McMeans had a wrap on his arm which looked like the shape of a cast. "He should be back Monday," said Coker.

· LB Roger McIntosh is practicing, but is still being guarded from contact drills. He is expected to resume hitting next week.

· OL Tony Tella who has a high ankle sprain, has been considered a "bonus" by Coker if he plays in the season opener. "Hopefully we get him back the week of preparation before the game and do some conditioning before that." Definitely not words of encouragement for an immediate return, although Tella believes he will play in the opener.

· OL Derrick Morse had a CAT scan this week to determine whether or not surgery is needed for a fracured shoulder. Results of the CAT scan are "to be announced".

· Other players held out of the scrimmage today: LB Leon Williams, RB Tyrone Moss (bruised calf), SS Brandon Meriweather (sore hamstring), OL Alex Pou, LB Eric Houston(pulled hamstring), and RB Andrew Johnson (ACL recovery).

· DT Teraz McCray, CB Carlos Armour, and CB Glenn Sharpe are not practicing and are still recovering from ACL injuries. All three will miss the 2005 season.

Monday, August 22 at 6:00 p.m.

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