Question #1 for CanesTime Staff

In a five-part series CanesTime senior contributors Bryan "Grassy" Knoll, Mike Bakas, and Christopher Stock answer one question each day about the 2005 season.

Question: Who will become Miami's top offensive threat in 2005?

GRASSY - With more questions than answers, the Hurricane offense promises to be very unpredictable in 2005. Kyle Wright will certainly be in the spotlight but uncertainty abounds at every position except tight end. Greg Olson is a logical choice as UM's best offensive weapon but will he touch the ball enough? I do not think so.

In my opinion Tyrone Moss will rise to the challenge and answer the critics. For most of his college career Moss has been told what he cannot do and the negative criticism seems to have motivated him this offseason as he has come into camp in the best shape of his life. With a new quarterback and a questionable offensive front my guess is that Miami will rely on the run early and often this season until Wright and the offense gels.

In that period of time I think Moss is the best bet to emerge as the top offensive weapon we have. Moss is not an incumbent and the pressure he will feel from Charlie Jones and Derron Thomas will only fuel his urgency to perform. Miami has the talent to have a complete, well-rounded offense and as that develops the Miami running game - namely Tyrone Moss - will have a lot of opportunities to show us if he can be the next great back at the University of Miami.

BAKAS - This is Miami. The U. We should have several legitimate options for which to answer this question. Unfortunately, we don't. Maybe that's a big reason why UM has lost five of its last 18 games. Or maybe not.

Greg Olsen at tight end has everything you look for in a player at that position. Tyrone Moss showed flashes of becoming a quality back in 2003. There are no Andre Johnsons at receiver on this team right now. Maybe Eric Winston can be the best offensive weapon?

That leads us to Kyle Wright. Unproven? Only a few career passes at this level. Definitely. Then again, didn't UM win its first four national titles with first year starters? Yes, they did. And Wright has more upside than any of those guys. If the players I mentioned above play anywhere near what they're capable of doing and the O-Line is at least decent, Wright's going to have some fun. One of the big reasons why so many people liked Ken Dorsey so much more than Brock Berlin is because Dorsey had people like Johnson, Moss, and Wayne to throw to while Berlin's favorite targets in his two seasons were a redshirt freshman in 2003 and a 5-foot-9 3rd round pick in 2004. Both were good, especially Parrish, but neither were close to Dorsey's favorite targets. That makes a difference when talking about quarterbacks who are 7th round picks or free agents. It matters less when your QB has all the tools and can make all the throws. Ask USC's receivers.

I saw Wright play in H.S. I'll never forget it. I thought he had all the physical and mental tools to be a big time college QB. The time is now. Sure, there will be growing pains. Sure, he'll make some throws that make people say they wish Berlin or Dorsey was back in town. On the other hand, he'll make throws that have new Canes fans (post ‘86) saying are the best throws a UM QB's ever made. At times, he'll look like the next great college QB. That's what happens when you have a big time QB starting for the first time. I think he's a big time player and I think he'll figure things out, just as quickly as Bernie Kosar, Steve Walsh, Craig Erickson, and Gino Torretta did. And I think Kyle will be good enough for UM to end its season the same way they did in 83, 87, 89, and 91.

Kyle Wright gets my preseason vote for the team's best offensive weapon.

STOCK - I know about all the other guys, but I am going to cut right to the chase. Ryan Moore will be the team's best offensive weapon and here's why:

Moore stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 215 pounds, which at the receiver position is a pretty nice to be. Combine his size with outstanding athleticism, hands, toughness, and ability to run after the catch you have yourself a nice go-to receiver for Wright.

Is this a risky pick for someone who had nine catches on the season last year in six games? Yes, but when considering past performances remember that Moore had 44 catches as a freshman in 2003 and he was widely viewed as the best wide receiver in the nation coming out of Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando.

As we head into the 2005 season, this is his year. This is the year he becomes the receiver everyone, including himself, envisioned him to be. He had his most productive summer workout session with Coach Swasey since he arrived in Coral Gables. In practice he has improved his focus and work ethic to prepare him better for the season than in previous years. Both quarterbacks feel comfortable throwing the ball his way regardless of the situation. He has the unique ability to be a possession receiver as well as make the big play down field. During the game his intensity is unmatched by any of his receiver counterparts. His mindset has changed from a year ago when he tried to do too much and hi is more focused to be the main weapon for this team. Is he confident in his abilities? You better believe it. And I am too.


Bryan "Grassy" Knoll - RB Tyrone Moss
Mike Bakas - QB Kyle Wright
Christopher Stock - WR Ryan Moore

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