Freeman Has One Goal in 2005

Kirby Freeman is a redshirt freshman quarterback from Brownwood, Texas who has impressed the coaching staff and his teammates with his uncanny ability to make plays. He has outstanding speed mixed in with strong passing and leadership abilities.


At quarterback Kyle Wright will be leading the way, but Kirby Freeman will be right there waiting for his opportunity. Both players are outstanding and will have successful careers at Miami.

"The thing is we can only have one quarterback on the field and when we are in a two-back set, we can only have one running back on the field," Freeman said. "We aren't worried about who that guy is because they will be giving it 100%."

At running back Tyrone Moss, who has 956 career rushing yards, is expected to carry the load. But Derron Thomas and Charlie Jones are two very capable backs in their own right.

"It is unbelievable," Freeman said. "At running back we have Tyrone Moss who is expected to be ahead of Derron Thomas and Charlie Jones. Moss and fullback Quadtrine Hill are mentors to those other guys. They don't care if they are second or third string. They are just busting their tail to run the ball the best that they can. I love it when I get in there because I know that Derron and Charlie are going to go help me get first downs."

Ryan Moore, Sinorice Moss, Darnell Jenkins, and Lance Leggett are the top four receivers on the team with Akieem Jolla, Khalil Jones, and Terrell Walden ready to step in.

"We are very blessed to have these guys at receiver," Freeman said. "As a receiving unit, there is not going to be another team in the nation that will be better than what we have."

Freeman explained each of the guys and their strengths.

"Moore, Leggett, and Jolla are all 6-3/6-4 and will go get the ball for you," Freeman said. "Then you have Sinorice, Darnell, and Terrell who are as fast as anyone in the nation. Khalil Jones works harder than anyone--he is here before and after practice. You can't beat a receiving corps like that. We believe in them and they believe in us. We just have to get these guys the ball and if we do that, I will tell you right now that we will be very successful."

Freeman likes what he sees thus far from the offense in fall camp, which resumes tomorrow at 3:20 p.m.

"We have potential to be really good," Freeman said. "The main thing I like about this offense is we are not worried about the starters, second-string, or third-string. Everyone is just trying to take advatange of every rep they get. It is kind of nice right now. We have the highlighted players and the players we expect to do well, but everyone has to go represent and show what they can do."


Wright beat out Freeman for the startinq quarterback position following the spring game. Although Freeman was very respectable in handling the decision by the coaching staff, that doesn't mean he has become complacent.

Since arriving on campus in the spring of 2004, he has improved tremendously in his throwing abilitiy. His biggest attribute coming out of high school was his running ability after rushing for 956 yards and 14 touchdowns with a 7.5 yards per carry average in just eight games during his senior season.

"I do feel like I have improved since I got here," Freeman said. "But I think that is going to happen the more you do things and the more reps you get. That is why practice is so important."

Although Freeman and Wright were competing for the starting position, Freeman does not see it that way any longer.

"The thing I like is that Kyle and I have developed our relationship even more," Freeman said. "It is no longer a competition about Kyle and I. Two weeks from now we will be playing in Tallahassee competing against one of the best teams in the country. And that is who we need to be competing against. Even moreso we have taken each other's back and talked about various things. Not only are we in this for ourselves, but we are in this for what everyone else is in this for and that is to go to Pasadena and get that ring."


The national championship game will be on January 4, 2006 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. this year. The last time the championship was held at the Rose Bowl, the Miami Hurricanes defeated Nebraska for their fifth national championship.

The Hurricanes, who are ranked ninth in the preseason AP Poll, want to get back there.

"We want the feeling of being a national champion and that is what we are really working for," Freeman said.

Freeman and his teammates believe it is a realistic goal to win the national championship this year.

"We are excited and feel we have as good as shot as anybody to go take all the goods."

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