Practice Report: 9/1

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The Hurricanes had their practice cancelled today due to the threat of lightning.

The team was scheduled to practice in pads today, but did not practice due to lightning. The team came off the field numerous times until nearly two hours had past and they decided to cancel practice.

"It is totally ridiculous. This is the most frustrating thing I have dealt with while coaching. I have done this a long time. Safety is prescedent--no doubt about it. It is very frustrating. I'm frustrated for these players because they put a lot into it and have a lot of pride. They know they need to practice and they want to practice. It is frustrated for me because they are really getting frustrated. But we'll deal with it and move on."

"The rain is not a factor. Almost every time we have went inside we could have fit practice in before the rain. If we are playing Colorado right now, do you think the game is still going on? What do you think? Yeah I think it would be too. Anyways, they will research it out and see what we can do."

"We'll see if it affects our performance against FSU. The thing is, when you have a lot of practice opportunities missing one doesn't matter that much. But if you have a game a week apart and you miss two practices. Not too many teams are good enough to sit around and talk about football and perform well on Saturday."

"The meeting time is good, but we need to physically practice."

· The families of Akieem Jolla, Vegas Franklin, Derron Thomas, and walk-on kicker Chandler Cleveland are thought to have been okay from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, La. Although many of them have not spoke to their families this week.

· WR Akieem Jolla is the only one of the four players actually from New Orleans (the others are from bordering cities) and his family is primarily on the west side of the city whereas the worst parts are downtown and on the east side.

· RB Derron Thomas and DE Vegas Franklin are from Reserve, La.--35 miles west of New Orleans.

· K Chandler Cleveland is from Covington, La.--40 miles north of New Orleans on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain.

· Wide receivers coach Curtis Johnson also has family in his hometown of New Orleans.

Friday, September 2 at 3:20 p.m.

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