Jenkins a Factor at Wide Receiver

With the depth the University of Miami has at receiver, junior Darnell Jenkins wants to get in the game as much as he can. Jenkins expects to return kicks Monday night and is currently the fourth receiver on the depth chart.

Darnell Jenkins plays with a motor that is constantly running. Last season he caught 21 passes for 230-yards. His ability to wear a defensive back down during the course of a game makes him a valuable member of the Hurricanes dynamic receiving corps.

So far Jenkins likes what he is seeing from quarterback Kyle Wright and the rest of the offense.

"I am real confident in Kyle," Jenkins said. "He knows what is going on. He knows when to throw hot routes and make adjustments. Route running, depth, timing—we got all of that. With the receivers we have and Kyle Wright at quarterback, if the O-line holds up for just four seconds, we striking."

Friday was not a normal practice for UM. The ‘Canes had to make up for lost time, because Thursday's practice was canceled due to lightning in the area.

"It was more like a Tuesday and Wednesday put together," Jenkins said. "It was quite long. We blitz, 7-on-7, 9-on-9, we just go against the defense."

Jenkins and the rest of the UM squad cannot wait to finally play FSU Monday night. He understands he needs to keep his emotions in check to get the job done.

"This is the moment I have been waiting on ever since spring," Jenkins said. "I'm healthy and I'm just ready to go. We ain't going to get too pumped up, cause we still have to practice and focus on what we have got to do."

Jenkins believes that Khalil Jones and Sinorice Moss are the two receivers who have improved the most since last season. If Moss can stay healthy for the entire season, the offense will be explosive.

"Khalil has gotten way better than last year," Jenkins said. "He is inexperienced, but if coach CJ puts him in, he'll step up to the plate. I expect a lot of good things out of Sinorice. He practices hard, he runs fast and is a good athlete."

What does Jenkins tell young guys like Jones about playing in Tallahassee for the first time?

"I tell them it is a noisy crowd and if they are not in the game to stand by and be ready because it is going to be a hard game like always. We expect the young guys to step up."

When Florida State cornerback Antonio Cromartie tore his ACL this past summer, it left a gaping hole for the FSU defense to fill. While there is no shortage of talent in the Seminole's secondary, the cornerbacks are for the most part untested freshmen and sophomores.

"They are young. Everybody was depending on Cromartie. With him gone, there is still no excuses. With Cromartie gone, we are going to be striking at them. Two of their corners don't have game experience. We are going to go at them and have them rotating."

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