Star DB Leaves Very Impressed

Ryan Hill spent Monday night watching Miami and Florida State play live in his hometown of Tallahassee. The Rickards standout will most likely be involved in that rivalry one day.

"I kinda wanted FSU to win since I grew up an FSU fan," Hill said. "So I was glad to see them come out on top. But I wasn't watching like a normal fan."

Hill, one of the state's top defensive back prospects, watched the game with an eye on specific things.

"I watched all the receivers and the DB's," he said. "I wanted to see what both sides of the ball were doing, who was doing what, and stuff like that. I was watching as a DB who is trying to compare both teams."

Hill offered up some analysis for the Hurricanes.

"I liked what I saw in Miami," he said. "Kelly Jennings and those guys were swarming to the ball. They were playing tight coverage and they looked real good last night. You can tell they're well coached in everything they do. Miami's defense looked for real. I liked that."

The talented cornerback prospect is having a tough time deciding between the Canes and Noles.

"I'm still in the process of making my decision," he said. "I was talking to some of the guys at the game. I was talking to Sam Shields, who might be the best receiver I've gone up against. I respect him a lot and I asked him if the game changed his mind at all about going to Miami. He said of course not and that he's looking at a lot more than the final score of the game."

Hill, 5-11 and 185 pounds, said he's not exactly sure when he's going to make his final decision but it appears the Canes and Noles have an upperhand on other programs like Oklahoma, Florida, and Southern Cal.

"You got two great programs right here," he said. "I really like a lot about both of them. I grew up rooting for Florida State but sometimes I wonder if that's the right place for me. Miami's a great program. They produce. I'm still deciding right now."

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