Mock Draft (4/11/02)

Here is my latest installment of the projected draft. Only nine days to go until the draft! I've included the first two rounds in this report.

1. Texans: QB David Carr
The Texans have announced their intentions. Now, the Panthers are on the clock.
2. Panthers: DE Julius Peppers
Superior pass rush ability, the Panthers need someone that can impact there defense along with Dan Morgan.
3. Lions: CB Quentin Jammer
Has the physical ability to match up with the big WR in the division.
4. Bills: DT John Henderson
Henderson is too good a player to pass up. He could help the Bills D-Line which isn't that bad.
5. Chargers: CB Phillip Buchanon
Ryan O'Neil is old and Tay Cody should be the nickel corner. PBuch would give them a very dominant cover corner.
6. Cowboys: WR Ashley Lelie
Has the vertical ability and size to fit on the Dallas track team with Galloway.
7. Vikings: OT Bryant McKinnie
The Vikes are shopping this pick, but if McKinnie falls this far they must get him.
8. Chiefs: DT Wendell Bryant
Kansas City wants a DT to bolster there line. Bryant is the guy, he has a tremendous first step off the line and would be a nice addition.
9. Jaguars: QB Joey Harrington
As one Jaguar fan told me, Brunell is 32 and the only other QB under contract is Roderick Robinson. Harrington has a good upside for a QB.
10. Bengals: DT Albert Haynesworth
Haynesworth is full of potential and should be able to show it in Cincy.
11. Colts: S Roy Williams
The Best defensive player available. Dungy will go and get top line talent.
12. Cards: DT Ryan Sims
Cards wanted a DT that could impact there line on day 1. Sims is a beast inside with tremendous ability.
13. Saints: OT Mike Williams
He falls and the Saints pick him. Williams is a mauler with good feet and tremendous strength.
14. Titans: OT Mike Pearson
The Titans could use Pearson to help bolster there O-Line and provide depth.
15. Giants: TE Jeremy Shockey
Shockey is a special player who would impact the Giants passing game from Day 1.
16. Browns: RB William Green
Butch gets his feature back. Green is a big time talent with 1,300 yard capabilities.
17. Falcons: DE Kalimba Edwards
Personally, I think Edwards should be a LB in the NFL. The Falcons are going to a 3-4 defense which would work for him.
18. Redskins: S Ed Reed
Best player available, the Skins get a FS that can play with the veteran attitude that the defense has.
19. Broncos: OG Andre Gurode
Not a need but Gurode is special. Broncos have always had good O-Linemen.
20. Seahawks: DE Bryan Thomas
Thomas may be the most pure potential filled DE in the draft.
21. Raiders: WR Donte Stallworth
The Raiders get there deep threat and couple that with the ability to learn the game from 2 hall of famers.
22. Jets: LB Napoleon Harris
The Jets lost Farrior. Harris is a good LB, the best in the draft class.
23. Raiders: RB TJ Duckett
Duckett is the best player available, I think the Raiders will rebuild there team and give it a different look.
24. Ravens: OG Toniu Fonoti
The Ravens need numbers, Fonoti is a talented player who could start the season at G.
25. Saints: WR Josh Reed
Reed's last game was in the Sugar Bowl, now that's his home. Reed's intermediate abilities should help the Saints and Aaron Brooks.
26. Eagles: WR Jabar Gaffney
Not a need but Gaffney is a special player. The Eagles wouldn't having another pass catching threat.
27. 49ers: OT Levi Jones
Jones has immense talent and the Niners have put themselves into position to get the best player available.
28. Packers: DT Larry Tripplett
Some may consider this a reach, but I don't. I feel the Pack could really make Tripplett reach his potential.
29. Bears: TE Daniel Graham
Graham is talented and would give the Bears another pass catching threat.
30. Steelers: WR Andre Davis
Davis is the best available and the Steelers don't need much. His speed would help.
31. Rams: WR Antonio Bryant
Bryant can be as good as he wants to be. The Rams can mold him into a good WR.
32. Pats: CB Lito Sheppard
The perfect nickel CB, has the ability to be a starter sooner than later.

Second Round:

33. Texans: CB Mike Rumph
34. Panthers: WR Javon Walker
35. Lions: OG Terrence Metcalf
36. Bills: LB Saleem Rasheed
37. Cowboys: LB/DE Dwight Freeney
38. Vikes: DT Eddie Freeman
39. Chargers: WR Marquise Walker
40. Jags: CB Keyuo Craver
41. Bengals: OG Kendall Simmons
42. Colts: DE/DT Anthony Weaver
43. Chiefs: LB Robert Thomas
44. Saints: DE Dennis Johnson
45. Titans: WR Reche Caldwell
46. Giants: LB Trev Faulk
47. Browns: DE Alex Brown
48. Chargers: OT Marc Colombo
49. Cards: RB Clinton Portis
50. Texans: LB Levar Fisher
51. Broncos: S Lamont Thompson
52. Redskins: RB Najeh Davenport
53. Raiders: CB Derek Ross
54. Seahawks: S Michael Lewis
55. Raiders: TE Jerramy Stevens
56. Ravens: RB DeShaun Foster
57. Jets: CB Mike Echols
58. Eagles: C LeCharles Bentley
59. Eagles: DE Charles Grant
60. Packers: WR Ron Johnson
61. 49ers: DT Alan Harper
62. Steelers: RB Lamar Gordon
63. Bears: QB Patrick Ramsey
64. Rams: CB Roosevelt Williams
65. Pats: WR Cliff Russell

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