Predictions vs Clemson

The #13 Miami Hurricanes (0-1) visit #20 Clemson (2-0) in an ACC matchup on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. CanesTime staff members offer their predictions on the game.

Christopher Stock, Senior Writer & Assistant Editor

Let's face it, Miami struggled in the game against Florida State. Yes it came down to a field goal try that was never attempted due to a poor snap and hold, however the game could have been decided in the first 55+ minutes as well. Miami didn't put together enough successful drives to take control of the game. When on the road, you have to take control.

Kyle Wright is a player and he has enough offensive weapons to get it done this week. The defense should be fired up once again, but as we saw last year there was a dropoff of defensive intensity after the game against Florida State.

Miami could very easily lose this game against a tough Clemson team. But look for Coker and his squad to avoid the school's first 0-2 start since 1978.

Stock's Prediction: Miami 21, Clemson 20

Mike Bakas, Recruiting Editor

This has become a huge game for the Hurricanes. Despite the ugly loss to FSU two weeks ago, the Canes still have many of their major goals ahead of them and those include winning the conference title and playing in a BCS game. A loss at Clemson Saturday would send the Canes to 0-2 in the conference and in addition to being in a hole, the team could lose confidence and things could fall apart quickly. Therefore, I think it's a statement game and the kids will come out fired up. Defensively, they should be awesome. Offensively, they'll be a little more comfortable this time around. It'll be a close game but I think the Canes have too much defense and one too many weapons on offense for Clemson to handle.

Bakas's Prediction: Canes 20, Clemson 13

Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat, Staff Writer

The ‘Canes are coming off a heartbreaking loss at Florida State, but it gets no easier as they have to travel to Death Valley to take on Clemson.

Two things are riding on Miami's side: the offensive line can't possibly be any worse than it was against FSU, and there is no doubt that the ‘Canes have plenty of revenge on their minds after blowing a 17-3 lead last year against the Tigers in the Orange Bowl.

With that said, the key to this game is the ‘Canes rush defense. Clemson tailback Reggie Merriweather ate the UM defense up last season rushing for 114 yards and three touchdowns as the Tigers wore down Miami's defense. But at this point it's James Davis who is making the noise at the position averaging 92 yards per game through two games.

However, the ‘Canes must also contend with quarterback Charlie Whitehurst who has plenty of experience and completely a ridiculous 18 of 22 passes for 178 yards against Maryland last week.

The ‘Canes didn't see much of a passing attack from Florida State so the defensive scheme will probably be different as Whitehurst can throw the ball so Miami can't load the box like it did against FSU.

Offensively, Miami should be much better than it was against Florida State simply because the reality is Kyle Wright is going to be a star and he's a confident player who proved he can lead this team.

Once again though, it starts up front and if Wright gets dropped for 9 sacks again, UM will come home 0-2. That won't happen. Call me a homer, but I don't think Clemson stands a chance against a determined ‘Canes squad.

Rudy's Prediction: Miami 34, Clemson 13

David Hamilton, Staff Writer

When Clemson's players run down the hill at the beginning of each home game, it's called "The 25 Most Exciting Seconds in College Football," but if Devin Hester gets an open lane on a kickoff return, it could be the most horrific 15 seconds for the Tigers.

Miami is coming off a lose to FSU, and this weekend's Clemson game is a perfect opportunity for the Canes to show their fans what they are truly made of. Will they roll over and play dead, starting the season 0-2, or will they rebound for the lose to the Seminoles with a convincing victory over the Tigers? Probably neither.

Miami will beat Clemson, but it's likely they'll won't win by more than 10 points. The Tigers QB Charlie Whitehurst is among the best in the nation, and at times in this contest, he'll show the Canes secondary why he is so highly regarded. However, at other points in the game, Whitehurst will be running for his life because Miami's defensive lineman are simply too fast for Clemson's "Fat Boys" who play O-line.

Speaking of O-Lines, Miami's still struggles against the Tigers but nearly as badly as they did against FSU. As for standout performances, look for Jon Beason to be all over the field making tackles like he did in the opener at Tallahassee. Clemson's linebackers don't cover the flats very well, so TE Greg Olsen should also have a big game.

D-Ham's Prediction: Miami 22, Clemson 14

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