Moore's Big Overtime Propelled Canes

Ryan Moore is the team's top receiver and he continues to make big catches this season. Against Clemson he made two receptions in overtime en route to Miami's 36-30 triple overtime victory.

Moore finished the game with four catches and 54 yards leading all Miami receivers in yards.

Two of Moore's biggest catches of the game came in the overtimes.

The first catch came on a 3rd-and-11 from the 26-yardline during the first overtime. Moore came across the backside of the defense and was the last read for quarterback Kyle Wright. Moore picked up 20 yards on the play and two plays later Miami scored a touchdown.

"I knew it was a 3rd-and-long situation and that I was going to get the ball," Moore said. "I recognized the coverage before the snap and tried to get open for Kyle to get me the ball."

His second catch came in the second overtime on a 2nd-and-11 also on the 26-yardline as he picked up 15 yards on the play. Miami got down to the 2-yardline, but had to settle for a field goal.

Miami went on to win the the game as Tyrone Moss scored a 25-yard touchdown in the third overtime as Moore provided a big block on the play. The defense held as Kenny Phillips intercepted a pass to end the game.

Moore held his excitement inside as he remained focused during the overtime.

"I really didn't realize what was going on," Moore said. "I was just concentrating on what I had to do. That was why I wasn't too excited after the play."

Sophomore quarterback Kyle Wright has completed 59 percent of his passes this season for 384 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions.

"He is doing great," Moore said. "It really isn't that hard with Kyle. All you have to do is catch every ball he throws."

Moore leads Miami wide receivers with seven catches and 123 yards. He also leads them in every key career statistic as well. It will be important for Moore to continue his early-season success for the Miami offense to be successful.

"I feel like I can make every play," Moore said.

The #12 Miami Hurricanes (1-1) host the Colorado Buffaloes (2-0) on Saturday at 12:00 noon for their first home game of the season.

"It is going to feel real good after going to Doak Campbell and Death Valley--that is pretty bad," Moore said. "It is going to be a relief to come home and have the crowd with you."

Practice resumes tomorrow at 3:20 pm.

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