Wright Getting More Comfortable

For most quarterbacks, starting his first two games at Florida State and Clemson might be totally overwhelming and something that might crack one with lesser resolve, but for Miami's redshirt sophomore Kyle Wright, he relished the opportunity and knows that it will only make he and his ‘Canes better throughout this season.

After throwing for 233 yards against the ‘Noles while being sacked nine times, Wright seemed to be a little more tentative in the pocket while getting sacked five times, but in crunch time he came up with the throws that were needed to lead Miami to a 36-30 triple overtime win in Death Valley.

In their first visit to Death Valley, the ‘Canes came away with a win, something had only bee done once since 1978.

In large part that was due to the running attack led by Tyrone Moss, with Kyle Wright's decision-making and timely bullet passes, the ‘Canes would have returned to Miami 0-2.

With the friendly confines of the Orange Bowl awaiting the ‘Canes in their match up with 2-0 Colorado, Wright and company are excited to get a home game and see what happens with a lot more quiet when on offense.

"I think we are all kind of excited to play in the Orange Bowl. We practiced a couple of times in the Orange Bowl prior to the season. It will definitely be a good feeling to play in front of the home crowd," Wright said.

But for Wright who battled through two tough road games, he admits that it can only help the team especially over the next few weeks when the ‘Canes play five home games in their next six overall, with the lone road trip being at lowly Temple.

"I think it forced us to grow up quick, not only myself. It battle tested all of us to go to places like Florida State and Clemson, to keep your composure and try to get wins," Wright said. "It has definitely prepared us all for the rest of the season."

But in order for the ‘Canes to get better Wright has to be better at reading the field quicker with his progressions from receiver to receiver. That is a major reason he has taken so many sacks as four of the five sacks against Clemson occurred rather obviously because Wright held the ball too long.

"After the game it was pretty frustrating looking back to get sacked that much, but during the game, you have to move on. I think I can do some things to take some pressure off the offensive line," Wright said.

"Watching film after the game, there were definitely times I could have gotten rid of the football, but those are things that are correctable and those are things that we are going to fix. As time goes on, myself, I'll get better, the OL will get better and we'll get this thing rolling."

He also has to avoid getting accustomed to throwing to clearly his favorite target, tight end Greg Olsen.

"They definitely tried to take Greg away and not let him beat them. It was pretty easy to see," Wright said.

With Clemson clearly trying to shut down Olsen, Wright struggled a bit finding other receivers, but he got better as the game went on, particularly in overtime when he hit Ryan Moore twice with huge passes in overtime.

"Ryan's the type of guy you look for in those type of situations," Wright said. "He runs great routes. I have full confidence seeing Ryan run open over the middle that he's going to make the catch. That's not something a lot of wide receivers are going to be able to do in crucial situations like that. He's not afraid to run over the middle running into a safety."

With the team playing at home though, even with such a good rushing attack, there is always the hope that the offense gets opened up a bit more after it was quite obvious the ‘Canes were a tad bit conservative as they ran ball twice as many times as they did passing the ball.

"I think as the weeks progress, we'll get better in the passing game. We can only get better," Wright said. "Protection wise, my decision making wise, quarterback to receiver wise, we can only get better. Hopefully, being in front of home crowd will help that."

Wright's work ethic is surely to make that a reality, as he will feel more comfortable every time he steps on the field.

"I think it gets better every time I go out there comfort level wise. I am real confident with my grasping of the offense, but everything is only going to get better as the games go on."

Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat is a Staff Writer with CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at rudy@canestime.com

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