Lockerroom Report vs Colorado

Following the 23-3 victory over Colorado, we caught up with a few players in the locker room.

SS Brandon Meriweather

"We are 2-1 now and back in the winning column. I am happy for the win. The game is like every game, you are just happy for the win."

[On the defense]
"We played better than we played last game. I feel like the defense could have played better and gotten that goose egg. I think we were getting a little laxed at the end of the game. But I think we are going to get better."

[On playing with a high energy level]
"It helps a lot actually. The little bounce that I have is just me feeling like I am getting my swagger back that I had in high school."

WR Sinorice Moss

"It was great today. We executed well and we did what we had to do to win the game. It was very exciting to be back home and score another touchdown in the O.B.--it was a great feeling."

"When the ball is in the air I do the best I can to make a play. Today I had a lot of opportunities to do what I had to do to help this football team win."

[On his 53-yard touchdown]
"It was a stop-and-go route. The guy bit on it when I stopped and I just took off. Kyle placed it in there perfectly and I just raced to the endzone."

[On the offensive philosophy in the passing game]
"The passing game was executed very well today. We had a lot of missed plays that we could have had. When we did get the ball it was very exciting and very fun. We went into the game today with the attitude of when the ball is thrown to you, catch the ball and make a play to the best of your ability. I believe we executed that very well today."

OL Eric Winston

"We didn't run the ball as well as we wanted to, but if they are going to bring safeties down then we will pass the ball."

"Last week against Clemson they weren't going to allow a big play so we ran the ball. If they want to bring safeties up on us and play a tight coverage to try to stop the run, then we are going to throw it. Our offense has a lot of weapons and the offense played really well today. We protected Kyle pretty well and he made some great throws."

[On the difference along the offensive line]
"I think we are just gelling. It is just one of those things where they were throwing some stuff early at us. I think we are getting into a rhythm. After we figured out what they were trying to do to us we really came after them. They had two weeks to prepare for us. We were a bit confused early, but once we started declaring everything right it opened up our passing lanes a bit."

LB Jon Beason

"We came into the game with a little swagger. Coaches talked to us about doing something well and having confidence. We had the mentality of expecting to make a play. Our defense did well, but we feel we could have done better. Every time they make a play, I promise you it is because of a mistake or guys aren't getting there. We are still moving forward. I have all the respect for Colorado. We knew they were going to come out and pound us. We knew we had to stop the run and we did that to make them one dimensional."

[On the penalty at the end of the game that nullified a touchdown]
"I was just trying to make sure Leon got in there. That is my boy and I want him to score. I wouldn't do anything that was unnecessary or illegal."

CB Bruce Johnson

[On playing in first game as a Hurricane]
"It was good to get in there and help the team out. I just did what I had to do. It felt real good to get in there and get some experience."

[On establishing himself as a player in August]
"I knew I didn't get as much recognition as the other two freshman DB's, but I knew what I could do. The coaches knew what I could do also and if they didn't they wouldn't have recruited me. I knew I had talent all along and everything. I just kept working hard every day in practice so I could show what I could do on Saturdays."

[On having his uncle Kelly Jennings as a mentor]
"He helps me a lot because he is real humble. When I have something I need to know, I go to him. He tells me what I need to do and when I mess up in practice he tells me to keep my head up. He is a lot of help."

Christopher Stock is a Senior Writer & Assistant Editor with CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at

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