Coker Sunday Recap: 9/25

The University of Miami came through with a 23-3 win over Colorado Saturday afternoon in its first home game this season. At times, the team looked quite impressive. Other times, it wasn't too pretty.

Sunday morning, Larry Coker had his regular day-after game press conference and talked about what he liked and disliked with his team's performance and talked a little about the upcoming opponent, South Florida who dismantled No. 9 Louisville 45-14 Saturday night.

Check out some of the excerpts from the press conference and some main points that Coker expressed happiness with and dismay with in the performance.

[On Brandon Meriweather's defensive performance]
"Meriweather is doing what we hoped for. He has really taken his game to another level, not just physically, but from an emotional standpoint. He really studies the game. That's what he has to do. That's they all have to do. At this level, you can only lift so much weight and run so fast. How are you going to be a difference maker and take your game to the next level? He's done that. He's also brought a real emotional lift to our defense."

[On Tyrone Moss' lack of productivity against Colorado]
"I think Tyrone was a little sluggish than from a week earlier. Was he tired? I don't know. Did we not block as well? There are things we need to evaluate. I don't think he had the power and explosiveness. He made some wrong reads. We didn't play Charlie Jones as much. He had a hamstring problem from earlier in the week and held him out. We probably could have played Derron Thomas a little more."

[On the offense's struggles inside the red zone]
Really, we've got to be more physical. I don't think we are physical enough on the offensive line. To be the type of team we want to be, we have to be more physical. It shows by our lack of production in the red zone. We had some things where we just aren't executing in the red zone. We have to be able to run the ball in the end zone. When I was the offensive coordinator with (former wide receiver) Reggie Wayne, Butch (Davis) didn't like the fade cause it's a low percentage play, but you could throw anything to Wayne and he'd catch it. But it makes people actually play us honestly in the red zone. We don't have someone right now who's proven to be able to do that. Ryan Moore is that type, but he has to secure the ball. We just have to finish it off.

[On all the batted down passes by Colorado defensive linemen]
We don't cut our own players in practice so we don't see if that much or do it that much. They cut our players pretty well. We will take some things from their game tape to show our defense. What they would do instead of rushing, they would step back and play basketball, play Shaquille O'Neal. Those are plays like handoffs to Ryan Moore and Sinorice Moss and we have to complete those.

[On Jon Peattie's continued kicking struggles]
We have a new holder and there is a trust factor between kicker and holder. He just has to get his head straight and do the job though. I equate what he does to a golfer. The little things of what he does, makes you go a good job. You've got to make those things.

[On Kyle Wright's day and his connections to Sinorice Moss]
Kyle Wright had a great day. Sinorice Moss was phenomenal. The things that are encouraging are that we are throwing a lot of catchable balls. The deep balls were there. We gave up no sacks and that's very encouraging for me and Kyle Wright's mother I'm sure. The deep ball is really exciting me. You think it's easy to throw, but it's not easy to throw. I am not a throw it deep to scare people guy. I throw it deep to catch the ball and run for touchdowns.

[On facing South Florida at the Orange Bowl after the Bulls demolished Louisville]
I really didn't give it much thought until this morning. South Florida is a Big East team now, a good program. Jim Leavitt does a great job there. They have tremendous talent and we pretty well knew that. I think it's going to be a wake up call for our players the way they handled Louisville. There's no free lunch. I would hope it would bring more fans. It's a night game. I think it grabs a lot of people's attention. I was surprised the way they dominated the game. It's one thing to have trick plays, another thing to execute them.

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