Local Player Saving Visit For UM

People were sleeping on Davie (Fla.) Western High at the start of the season but after a 3-1 start they've caught people's attention. One of the big reasons for the success is the play of defensive tackle Jared Martin.

"I've been double teamed a lot," Martin said. "It can be frustrating at times because I don't have any sacks but part of taking my game to another level is dealing with this stuff."

Jared Martin has 21 tackles and found out this week that he'll even be involved some offensively.

"Sometimes I'm at wingback," he said. "The hammer play -- how often does an interior lineman get to run the ball like that."

Martin, 6-2 and 290 pounds, has read a lot about a talented sophomore running back at Hollywood Hills, this week's opponent. He took advantage of that.

"I printed out some of the articles talking about how good he is and how he's running through people," he said. "I hung about 10 or 12 of them around the locker room for people to see. It's time we put an end to that."

Martin, a full academic qualifier, continues being recruited by a number of Div. 1 programs. He took an official visit to Pittsburgh earlier this month and came away impressed.

"I really liked it," he said. "I got a tour of the campus, met the players and hung out with them. The next day we went to the Steelers/Panthers training facility and I also had a chance to meet the rest of the coaching staff. I sat down with my position coach and talked. It was fun. There were a lot of other players on the visit (including fellow Floridians Richard Jackson, Ricky Gary, Tamarcus Porter, and Dexter Davidson)."

Martin had an interesting story to tell about the group that was there.

"You can just see a difference in the attitude between the players from Florida," he said. "Ricky was talking junk to this 5-star player from there (Darrin Walls). He called him out, saying, 'I'm good and you ain't nothing up here. I'm only 5-8 and I'm better than you,' and things like that. The kid didn't say anything and was kinda surprised."

The talented defender plans on taking the rest of his visits after the regular season. He's still not totally sure where they'll go but he has some in mind.

"Arizona State, Minnesota, Colorado, and maybe Auburn," he said. "Pitt has offered and so have all of those schools except for Auburn. Coach Mark from Miami told me to save a visit for Miami and I might do that."

Martin talked more about the Hurricanes.

"I was liking them a lot but now I'm not sure," he said. "Then again, everytime I start thinking -- that was my favorite team growing up, my father went to school there, and they have such a great program. They haven't offered me though. Coach Mark said he wants to but all the coaches have to come to an agreement on that. They like the 6-4, 6-5 guys and they also like to wait later in the year. I'll just have to see where that goes."

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