Friday Stock Report: 9/30

The Hurricanes improved to 2-1 after a 23-3 win over Colorado last week. This week they host South Florida who is coming off a huge upset against Louisville. It could be interesting...

The team is now 2-1 and expected to win the next five games starting with South Florida on Saturday. In regards to South Florida, I have been following their season quite closely this year and have enjoyed watching them play. After watching the USF-UCF game, I was very impressed with their playmaking ability and speed at key positions. They have a lot of players that are fun to watch including Andre Hall, Johnny Peyton, Amarri Jackson, and Jackie Chambers. Their defense is allowing 13.5 points per game, which makes things interesting. There is no doubt that Miami should win this game, however they have yet to have a breakout game offensively and if they do not attack down the field in the passing game, they will allow the USF defense to stay in the game.

The defense has allowed 43 points in the first three games and held Colorado to just three last week. They are doing a good job of making the quarterback uncomfortable in the pocket and it is tough to beat their defense without a strong passing game. Miami currently ranks seventh in the country in pass efficiency defense—a statistic they consistently rank high in every year. The key for tomorrow is not to allow a big passing play by South Florida. If they can shut down the passing game it will be tough for USF to put points on the board.

Miami did not allow a sack last game after giving up 14 in the first two games. The main reason for this result is the quick throws by Kyle Wright. They stayed away from the slow developing play and got the ball out to the receivers. The offensive line is progressing in practice and it is a matter of performing on Saturdays. Wright is looking more comfortable in the pocket each week and is not holding the ball as long.

Freshmen Randy Phillips and Darryl Sharpton went down with injuries last week. Both players will not play this week and do not appear to be returning to the field anytime soon. In fact, since they were injured in the third game they could receive a medical redshirt if they do not play the rest of the season. Both players are expected to contribute heavily in their careers at Miami and to get them an extra year would be great. The coaches have not made a decision with this option, but it is something to keep in mind as the weeks go by.

Devin Hester is getting his first start of the season Saturday at cornerback. He has yet to record an interception or score a touchdown this season and is due to make a huge play. He has made some great plays in the early going, but starting will give him a better feel of the game and allow him to get locked in better. Hester is still expected to play on offense as well. He could however, be limited on his punt return duties with Ryan Moore and Sinorice Moss sharing the load.

Sophomore running back Charlie Jones had a big week of practice and is expected to be a factor on Saturday. Jones showed good burst through the line and can always be used out of the backfield as a receiver. He has six carries on the season and is averaging 4.8 yards per carry this season including a long of 13.

The team was pretty relaxed this week in practice, as they tend to be at times. Coker told the media that he wants them to be relaxed. As long as the team can turn it on in the games and avoid a sluggish game, then it is not a problem. However if things are going slow, players are in the wrong position, too many mentals, etc. then it might be something to look at in terms of their preparation for the game. It is just something to keep an eye on and see how it develops throughout the season.

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