Top WR Talks About UM

Preston Parker knew a lot of people were hyping last week's game against Pahokee as a great matchup between his team's passing game against Pahokee's tough secondary. The hype didn't get to Parker.

"Those guys are no different in my opinion," Parker said. "I have yet to play against a defensive back who could stick me so I wasn't too worried about it."

Parker was right. He ended the game with nine catches for over 200 yards and a couple touchdowns.

"Ricky Gary started the game on me and he took himself off me," he said. "Then they put (Tamarcus Porter) on me and that didn't work. Then they tried someone else. They weren't touching me. I respect Ricky though because he came onto the bus after the game and gave me respect for what I did."

Parker's been unstoppable the entire season. That doesn't exactly some as a surprise to the talented receiver from Delray Beach (Fla.) Atlantic.

"I try to go out and prove to people that I'm the best guy out there," he said. "I just enjoy having fun and making plays. I love football. I work hard at what I do. I put a lot of effort in so being successful is something I expect."

Not a whole lot has changed on the recruiting front for the talented receiver. He's still a major priority for many teams.

"I still like Miami and Florida State a lot," he said. "Florida's getting in there too. Then there's N.C. State, North Carolina, Pittsburgh. I'm not too worried about it yet."

Parker has kept a close eye on the Hurricanes this season.

"They're getting better after a slow start," he said. "I really like their young quarterback. Kyle looks like he's gonna be a good one. It's good to know that he'll be around for three more years -- maybe even two if he keeps getting better. The passing game struggled some early but I was at the Colorado game and thought they really spread the ball around better. As a receiver, that's what you like to see. I was impressed but I think I can go in there and play with any of those guys."

Parker spent some time in the UM locker room after last Saturday's game.

"I got a chance to see Devin Hester and some of the guys," he said. "Devin's just gotta be patient. Nobody's really kicking to him like they did last year. They just need to take better advantage of that."

The talented senior is being recruited by UM coaches Curtis Johnson and Mario Cristobal.

"I really like Coach Cristobal," he said. "He aint gonna tell you what you wanna hear. He's straight up with you and he's gonna tell you like it is. That's what I like. You wanna play for a guy like that. He's been real cool with me and stays in touch all the time."

While it seems as though it'll be tough for anyone to overcome the Canes, Parker says he's keeping his options open.

"You never know," he said. "UM looks real good right now but I'm not saying anyone's a favorite yet. I wanna take my visits and see what else is out there."

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