OL Gets Call From Coker

Kevin Young likes a challenge. Playing at a 2A school doesn't provide many of them for him during the season. He thought he had one last Friday when playing against highly-touted Jim Barrie of Berkeley Prep.

"It was nothing," Young said. "I treated him like my girlfriend. There was one series on the goal line where I pancaked him twice. His teammate, a kid much smaller, was a little tougher. It's amazing how some kids get recruited the way they do because of size."

Kevin Young, 6-5 and 320 pounds, has helped his team to a 3-2 start this season. He's been playing on both sides of the ball this year and continues getting a lot of interest from the college coaches.

"I pretty much have it narrowed down between South Carolina, Miami, and Florida State," he said. "South Carolina leads right now. A lot of people are saying their team is going to be pretty good in a couple years. They're playing a lot of young guys. They are starting a 270-pound guard. My friend Seaver Brown (Clearwater Countryside) also has them as his favorite. Coach Reeves has become like a friend to me. Whenever he calls, it doesn't even feel like a player-coach relationship. I really enjoy talking to him. I'm going up there on January 13th for a visit."

The Clearwater (Fla.) Central Catholic standout, who is fully qualified, said the Canes are currently trailing the Gamecocks.

"Coach Larry Coker called me last week and I was impressed to be talking to the head coach," he said. "I never hear from Bobby Bowden at Florida State. Plus, Coach Kehoe came down to see me the day after their game against Florida State. They're making it pretty clear to me how much they want me."

Unfortunately for the Canes, Young doesn't see as good an opportunity to play early as he does at South Carolina.

"I'm just not sure that opportunity is there right now at Miami," he said. "It might be though because they're not doing so hot on the offensive line this year. I'm not sure why because they have good players. They have a lot of good young players like AJ Trump and (Reggie) Youngblood from Texas. I'm probably going to visit Miami the first week of January. The thing with Miami is all their coaches seem interested. I've gotten the handwritten cards from just about every coach on their staff."

Florida State is also in the mix but seems to be on the outside looking in right now.

"I hear a lot from Coach Dickey but not from Bowden and I don't get much of those (handwritten) cards," he said. "I'm not sure when I'll go up there and visit yet."

Young will likely make his final decision after his visit to South Carolina in January but don't be surprised if it happens before then.

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