Canes Trail Hokies For TE

It's not too common that you see a 225-pound tight end prospect returning kickoffs at the high school level. For Wheaton (Md.) Our Good Lord Counsel standout Drew Gloster, it's very common.

"The first game I ran one back from 92 yards," Gloster said. "This past game I had a 75-yarder. Teams just don't kick it to me all that much so I've kinda gotten used to it."

Drew Gloster, 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds, has 10 catches for 170 yards and one score at wide receiver. Defensively, he has 15 tackles and two sacks playing defensive end. He's helped his team to a 3-2 start.

College coaches from all over have been keeping a close eye on Gloster's senior season as well.

"Recruiting's going well," he said. "My leader is still Virginia Tech. I just think it's a perfect fit. They have my major (architecture or interior design). Their tight end, Jeff King, will be gone next year. They'll be looking for a new guy to break in. They're not far away from home. They're beating people badly right now. It's a great opportunity where I could go in and get a lot of reps as a freshman. I go there for my visit on December 10th."

While the Hokies have the clear edge right now, that hasn't stopped several other programs from recruiting him this season.

"The first of December, I'm going to Maryland," he said. "The other two I'm considering taking are Miami and Georgia. I just haven't set those ones up yet."

The talented tight end spoke more about the Hurricanes.

"They started talking about tight end real early," he said. "Great program -- it's the U. They also have my major. They're real big on using the tight end there. I talk to Coach Cristobal and Hargreaves and they compare me to a young Kellen Winslow. There is lots of competition there, which would obviously make me a better player. I'm gonna try getting down there (for a visit) after the season."

What will it take for someone to unseat the Hokies at the top of his list of favorites?

"I'm not sure," he said. "I'll find out a lot more on my visits. I might go somewhere and like it more. Right now, though, they're on top."

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