Locker Room Report vs Duke

A total of 64 players participated in Miami's 52-7 victory over Duke. After the game we caught up with a variety of different players to get their thoughts on the game.

TE Greg Olsen

[On his one handed catch that ended up in an 18-yard touchdown reception]
"I've done it a few times I was happy I held on the ball and I scored so it was a good play."

[On the performance of the second unit]
"When our next team in, they did a hell of a job. We even got Trey Burkin some action. Those younger guys did a hell of a job. There was no drop off."

DT Baraka Atkins

[On the win]
"It always feels good to win, but to win convincingly, that makes it even better. I am real happy about this one.

[On the performance of the defensive line in assisting in allowing only eight passing yards in the game]
"It is always important for us to put pressure on the quarterback and not let him get into a rhythm. With the coverage our secondary has we can get coverage sacks."

TE Chris Zellner

[On his first even touchdown reception on the first ball ever thrown to him by Kirby Freeman in the fourth quarter]
"It was the best feeling in the world. I felt like I was on top of the world. That's all I can say. I was on top of the world."

[On the ball in flight to him]
"I was saying to don't drop it. I was wide open and calling for it so it was like, don't drop it. My first thrown pass to me, first caught ball. It couldn't be any better unless it was like a 90-yarder, but hey, I'll take that."

[After the catch]
"Thank God I caught. That's all I can say. And I got up was just trying to find one of my teammates to hug. It was one of the best feelings in the world."

SS Lovon Ponder

[On the performance of the defense]
"We just came out and played like we wanted to play. Shut them down. We let that big run go, but we can do better."

[On the offense's performance and how the defense feeds off the offense]
"It makes feed off them even more. Driving the ball and getting points. They put up 52 points. That's a lot of points to put up."

LB Jon Beason

[On the defensive effort]
"You never want to take an opponent lightly. We knew they'd try to come out and do some funky stuff, but for the most part, we made our adjustments. They made the one big play, but that's something that we can control." [On building momentum]
"You have to get better for next week. Whatever mistakes you make, you have to do better the next weekend. You want to be at your best as the season goes on.

WR Lance Leggett

[On his performance]
"It was alright, but not where I want to be. I still had a drop."

[On the performace of the receivers]
"We aren't happy because we still have to improve. We still had some drops. We just have to continue to build confidence and improve each week."

[On his 29-yard touchdown reception]
"It was a deep ball--my favorite ball. I saw the corner backing up and he bit on a move I gave him. The safety was still there, but he was late getting over. I had to slow down a little bit, but it didn't really bother me."

OL Reggie Youngblood

[On playing first game as a Hurricane]
"It felt great. I can't even explain it right now. Practice is harder than that (the game). You just have to get down the mental stuff, that's all. I know I have the physical capabilities to play, just have to get the mental stuff down."

[On assessing his personal performance]
"I think I did pretty good. There is always room for improvement, but I think I did pretty good."

[On preparing the week of practice for the potential of playing against Duke]
"Coming into the game, the coaches told me to get ready. Every day I tried to get in my mental reps. I did some little things to get myself ready."

FS Kenny Phillips

[On the peformance of the secondary]
"We didn't allow much against the pass. We were all out there communicating and doing all of the right things."

[On shutting down Duke's offense and other than the 81-yard run, Duke had only 47 yards on 56 plays]
"That was one of our goals this week in practice. We didn't want to allow any points after last week against South Florida. Three-and-out is all we were focusing on."

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