Winston Journal #10

Senior offensive lineman Eric Winston checks back with another journal entry.

At Miami we have great coaches, and a lot of coaches that played college football as Hurricanes. One is my offensive line coach, Art Kehoe. He played for Howard Schnellenberger back in the late 1970s and early 1980s and has been a coach here ever since.

I was real lucky getting to play for Randy Smith at Midland Lee because he taught me everything I needed to know on how to be a great blocker when I was playing tight end back in the high school days.

Coach Kehoe, meanwhile, has taught me everything I need to know to be successful at the college game. Getting to my long-winded point is that all coach Kehoe cares about is winning. Now I know everybody associated with football teams care about winning, but he takes it to heart.

After we lost to Florida State, I couldn¹t sleep well for three days. I seemed to relive the ending all the time, I don¹t think coach Kehoe slept until we beat Clemson 12 days later. He has an intense style to say the least but it is something that all his players seem to feed off of. If you ever get the chance to meet him, you will understand what I am talking about.

I only wrote that because I was talking to a friend that goes to another school and they cannot wait to leave after practice is over and dread going there everyday. I sure don¹t dread leaving practice and I don¹t think any of the O-line does either.

Coach cares about us as people and wants to see us succeed. He always has us on top of our classes and always wants to make sure our family is doing good. Well, enough with the feel good story, I just wanted people to know that the >assistants sometimes have more effect on the kids than the head coach does.

Wrapping this up, thanks for keeping football fun coach. If you haven¹t been keeping up with the ¹Canes there is no excuse. Just kidding.

We have won our last two games against Colorado and South Florida. Colorado played tough and we never had good field position during the game, thanks to some great punting from the Colorado special teams.

On offense, we moved the ball well but didn¹t do well in the red zone. We had to kick five field goals and made three of them, usually having to kick some of those field goals from a close distance. We scored a couple of touchdowns and won going away against a Colorado team that will probably win the Big 12 North.

Against South Florida the defense played awesome, but the offense played terrible. The defense started the game forcing three turnovers that we only converted into 10 points. We then had a punt return that set us up for a touchdown. This is where it really went down hill. Greg Olsen caught a 10-yard out pass, turned it up field, pulled away from the defense and looked like he was going for a 70-yard touchdown but was caught on the 3-yard line and stripped of the ball out of the back of the end zone.

After that, it seemed like all the wind was taken out of our sails. We didn¹t get anything going and added one more touchdown the rest of the game. We won 27-7 and you never want to be too mad about a win (like I said last time) but this was one of those games that really should have gotten ugly and we have to step up to the plate on offense and match the defense in intensity and performance.

Personally, I got the MVP for the offense in the South Florida game. I played well and I felt like it was my best game so far this season. The one thing I wanted to do coming into the season was get better every game, since I had missed most of last season.

Another reason and probably most important is our biggest games this season are at the back end of our schedule. Awaiting us late in our schedule is ACC powers Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Virginia.

For these games and for all the rest of them for that matter, I want to be playing the best I ever have and I feel like I am close to being where I want to be. We play Duke on Saturday and Temple the following Saturday so I will be back next time to give you updates on that and whatever comes to mind.

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