Offensive Notebook: 10/12

The Hurricane offense put up 52 points against Duke and look forward to another 50-point effort against Temple on Saturday.


With a 10-0 lead in the second quarter quarterback Kyle Wright threw for three touchdowns in a five-minute span to give the Hurricanes a 31-0 lead at halftime against Duke.

It is exactly what the offense needed.

"We got off to a slow start, but we definitely progressed as the game went on," Wright said.

With Wright at quarterback for 11 offensive series, they scored five touchdowns and one field goal. They also turned the ball over three times and punted twice.

The offense accounted for 368 yards on 50 plays (7.4 yards per play) with Wright in control.

Head coach Larry Coker feels Wright is doing a better job at going through his progressions.

Wright agrees.

"Definitely, I feel my progessions are speeding up. The more you play, the better it gets," Wright said.

One of Wright's targets, Lance Leggett has had a tough start to his sophomore season. However, Leggett did put together a 4-catch, 65-yard performance against Duke including a nice 29-yard touchdown reception.

"Once a guy is down you have to pick them up especially at wide receiver," Wright said. "When Lance dropped a ball early in the game I told him I was going to need him to make a play later in the game and he did."

For Wright, going up against a top-notch defense every day in practice is a challenge he completely enjoys.

"I don't shy away from anyone," Wright said. "As an offense we feel we can throw on anyone."


Miami had a good balance of success on different formations against Duke with Wright at quarterback.

The Hurricanes did not do anything out of the ordinary as they ran plays out of their four basic formations with variations.
Formation (plays)      Rush Att-Yards  Pass Att-Comp-Yds
I-formation (9) 4-35 5-2-25 I w/2 WR left (2) 1--1 1-1-22 I w/2 WR right (1) 0-0 1-0-0 TI-2 TE & 2 RB in I (13) 8-86 5-4-60 3 WR - 2 on left (4) 0-0 4-3-36 3 WR - 2 on right (9) 1-6 8-5-85 4 WR - 3 on left (2) 0-0 2-1-8 4 WR - 3 on right (3) 0-0 3-0-0 Goaline (3) 3-3 0-0-0 Missed (2) 0-0 2-2-29

After rushing for 56 yards on four carries in his season debut against Duke, Andrew Johnson has officially joined the running back mix.

Tyrone Moss leads the team with 451 rushing yards and eight touchdowns. Derron Thomas and Charlie Jones have combined for 186 yard rushing.

"There are three other great guys in front of me," Johnson said. "All I have to do is go out there, work hard and do the best I can."

Johnson's debut came 10 months after suffering a torn ACL last December. His return this season was something he thought about, but wasn't sure if it was going to happen.

"It is something you think about and dream about," Johnson said. "You never really think about rushing for this many yards or anything like that."

"Some people said it wasn't possible, but anything is possible," Johnson added.

Although he is not 100 percent back to where he was before, he can still be valuable to the team. He has good straight ahead speed and can bounce to the outside although he still lacks his strong cutback ability that he had before.


The coaching staff announced tight end Greg Olsen, running back Charlie Jones, offensive lineman Tyler McMeans, and offensive lineman Rashad Butler as offensive MVP's for their performances.


Look for Miami to rest players who are dealing with injuris this weekend against Temple. The players could use the extra week off to get healthy.

At this point wide receiver Darnell Jenkins and offensive lineman Andrew Bain do not appear like they will be playing this weekend.

Offensive lineman Cyrim Wimbs could be ready to play, but he might be better off waiting another week before he plays. However, since his role is on the second-team and is rarely used in key situations he could play against Temple to receive playing time he will have a hard time getting later in the year.

Buck Ortega is expected to return to the lineup this week.


Recently Eric Winston talked about the impact that Art Kehoe has on the team in a recent journal entry. Winston brought up the point because he felt Kehoe, the offensive line coach, has been slighted by the fans as of late.

"He has been around here a long time and I don't think a lot of people know what kind of impact he has had on this program," Winston said. "I was just thinking about how lucky we are to have coaches who really care for us. Everyone takes it for granted around here, but it is pretty rare."

Heading into this week against Temple, Miami is looking to work out some things on offense before they prepare for a three-game stretch against Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech.

"Looking down the road a little bit, we have a tough stretch coming up," Winston said. "Every week is a chance to get better. Going into a game in which you are heavily favored, you want to make sure there is no lax especially during practices and film study."

"We have to take every week seriously," Winston said.

The team returns to the practice field today at 3:20 p.m.

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