Coker Sunday Recap: 10/16

Larry Coker sat down with members of the media in his weekly morning after game press conference in the Edgerrin James Conference Room at the Hecht Center.

Coker was overall happy with his team's performance although he did mention a few things of note that pleased him, and some things that he wasn't too happy with.

He also spoke about the upcoming BCS poll that comes out this week following the ‘Canes 34-3 drubbing of Temple.

Coker on

QB Kyle Wright

"His confidence should definitely continue to improve with games like he played yesterday, but we realize that the past two weeks was Duke and Temple and Georgia Tech is another level. But we think it will definitely carry over. His numbers were great and even the one up the seam could have been a touchdown if it wasn't dropped."

QB Kirby Freeman

"He played pretty well. He has a lot of talent. One thing we have with our quarterbacks that we haven't had is mobility at quarterback. These guys can move. The days of the statue quarterback where you can pat, pat, pat the ball are over. You better get rid of the football. But we needed to give him some more opportunities."

On the Offensive Line

"We've got to step it up and have to block for the run better."

Freshman OT Reggie Youngblood

"He played very well. We are really encouraged with him. I don't this going to be a disappointment. Right now, he's our third best tackle. He knows he's not where he can be in the future. He could be a one right now if someone gets injured or he really takes it to the next level, but I know he'll see more time."

Freshman OG A.J. Trump

"He is very good. We are constantly thinking about whether to play him or not. It's a tough decision, but I'd like to have him in five years where he's really good. We've talked about it with A.J. and he wants to play, but he doesn't want it to be in mop up duty. Guard is a deep player position for us, but we've got to play better at guard.

The Offensive Guards

"Our guard play has to be better. We have to come off the ball better, faster and be more physical."

The fact Miami didn't pad the scoreboard

"We won 34-3 so people might say Miami is not as good as we thought, but they don't know we were up 34-0 in the second quarter. Should we have beaten Temple 64-3 or 80-0?"

The defensive performance and comparisons to the 2001 defense that won a National Championship

"Is this a great defense? It's definitely very good. Greatness is usually that something comes after the fact when people are talking about the defense. One thing that is distinctive between the two is that the opportunities to score on defense are there, but this defense hasn't capitalized one it. We had like three chances to have an interception for a touchdown, but didn't make the play. The 2001 defense scored more points than the offense. We've got to make plays on defense.

The first BCS poll coming out this week

"I really have no idea where we'll be and I really don't how it's going to shake down. I don't know if it's better than last year. If it falls better for us, it's obviously better. I feel we are in a great position right now, but the team we better worry about is the University of Miami. We've got a bunch of tough teams coming up. We've got to take care of what have a chance to effect. I think there could be a team with one loss in the National Championship game.

Georgia Tech

"Georgia Tech is real good. Last year, they hit us for like 80 yards on the first play. They have a very good quarterback and running and their receiver might be the best in the country. He reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald. We've got to start fast. Last year in Atlanta, I think it was one of the best games we played."

CB/KR Devin Hester

"He had a couple of great returns and set up the wall. He's improving at corner, but still have to improve technically. As long as he scored touchdowns, it's great to run in circles, but I don't think he can do that against good teams. But the thing with Devin is that you can take him for granted. I think I could have done a better job coaching him last year. We've started to go back to fundamentals with the jug machine and working on fair catches. That was my fault. You get burned as we did against Florida State and you work to correct the problem. He's doing those things a lot better now.

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