Elite DB Still High on Canes

Ryan Hill wants to win. Unfortunately, his Tallahassee (Fla.) Rickards team has slipped to a 1-6 start this season.

"We're struggling this season," Hill said. "We're out of the playoff race. It just wasn't our year. As a senior, I'm trying to keep the spirits up. We have a lot of young players who will be back. Our JV team is undefeated so there's a lot to look forward to around here. I'll be off to college and hopefully winning."

Ryan Hill, 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds, is having a strong senior season personally.

"Of course I think I can do better but I guess I'm having an OK season," he said. "I've actually been playing free safety. It's helping prepare me because it's forced me to work on tackling. My ball awareness skills have always been good but this has helped. I got two picks, including one I took 75 yards for a score. On offense, I got four touchdowns and I have about 300 kickoff return yards."

The talented defensive back is also staying focused on his academic situation. He provided the latest on it.

"We get report cards tomorrow," he said. "I expect to be on the honor roll. I'm doing good this year. I got a 17 on the ACT but I'm taking it again this Saturday to try to get a 19 or 20. With my GPA and test score though, I'm qualified through the NCAA. I just have to keep it up."

On the recruiting front, there have been some minor changes.

"Miami and Florida State are still up there at the top," he said. "USC is in there. I'm now looking at Alabama and Ohio State. The only visit I've set up so far is for January 20th to Miami. Me and Sam (Shields) are probably gonna take it together."

Hill talked more about his relationship with Shields.

"He's the best receiver I've faced," he said. "He's a great player and we've talked. He's a cool dude. It would be nice to play together in college and I know he likes Miami a lot."

The talented senior talked more about his feelings for the Hurricanes.

"They're just fine," he said. "They had the lapse against Florida State early but they're back on track. The defense has been looking great, even against FSU. Hopefully they'll get to the ACC title game and it's all over from there. I'm hoping we get to play FSU again. The thing about Miami is that it's Miami. You lose one or two games and people wonder what's going on. That doesn't happen other places. They expect to win. Kyle Wright looks like a good future quarterback and they're bringing in some great athletes."

Hill has maintained a close relationship with the UM coaching staff.

"I talk to Coach Coker every Monday," he said. "I also talk to Coach Walton a lot. They're good guys. They care about you."

After an early season decision was expected, don't be surprised if Hill waits till late in the process.

"I'm not sure how it'll happen," he said. "My visit to Miami isn't until late January. I'll just (announce) when I feel it's the right time."

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