4-Star OL/DL Trying to Set UM Visit

Butch Lewis has a lot of what you look for in an offensive tackle prospect for the college level. He's 6-foot-6+ and 285 pounds with long arms and quick feet. A basketball player, he's played nearly every position on the field during his career. However, it's on the defensive side of the ball where he's making the biggest impact right now.

"I'm playing mostly defense right now," Lewis said. "I'm playing offense only in special situations. I've played there before and know the position. It's just that my team needs me on defense. Actually, I'd prefer playing defense in college too but whatever works out."

Butch Lewis, who is in his seventh year playing organized football, talked about what separates him from a lot of other players at his position.

"It's probably my vision of the field," he said. "I've played a lot of different positions and that helps me. I have quick hands and feet and people say I play with good balance. Plus, I just have a nose for the football."

The Aurora (Col.) Jesuit standout is being recruited nationally. He talked about his first official visit that he took last weekend.

"I just got back from a visit to Notre Dame this past weekend," he said. "It was really intense there. It was very nice. They played USC and as good as it looked on TV, it was crazy in person. The fans really get into it. They were doing fake pushups and stuff with some of the recruits. It was great. I spoke to Charlie Weis. He's a great coach and a great guy. I felt really comfortable there."

Lewis is gearing up for some more visits in the near future.

"Next is an unofficial visit to Nebraska when they play Oklahoma," he said. "I've talked to John Blake. He's a great guy and a great coach. I wanna see what it's like there. On November 12th I'm going to Georgia for an official visit. They play Auburn that weekend. They've built a great program and they're winning a lot. The coaches seem cool and I wanna check it out. After that, on December 3rd, I'm going to USC for the UCLA game. What else can you say about USC? They're on top right now and a lot of people wanna go there."

So with two visit slots still open on his calendar, Lewis was asked which other schools are still under consideration.

"I'm looking into visiting Miami and maybe LSU," he said. "Me and Coach Cristobal from Miami talk. He's a cool guy. We're trying to set something up with Miami. Growing up, I was always rooting for them. That was my team. I'm real interested in them right now and wanna check it out because I don't know a whole lot about them other than I like what I've seen."

Lewis, a full academic qualifier, talked about the factors that will be important in his decision.

"Basically, I'm just going where I fit in the most," he said. "The school, the coaches, the atmosphere, whatever makes me feel most comfortable. I really liked Notre Dame so now I'm excited about these other visits."

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