Locker-Room Report vs North Carolina

Miami improved to 6-1 on the season after a 34-16 victory over North Carolina. After the game, we spoke to a number of players in the locker room.

DE Bryan Pata

[On returning to the team after missing one game due to injury]
"It was the first throwback jersey game ever and I worked real hard to get back. It felt real good to return to the team."

[On the performance of the defensive line]
"We worked real hard this week in practice. At first we started off slow. In the first half the defenses we were running, they were reading it. After we changed it up they couldn't do very much."

[On the defense playing fired up in the second half]
"We got fired up. We got real crunk. Roger (McIntosh) got us fired up at halftime. We needed that little juice to get us going. The game was at noon and some guys might have been a little sleepy. When we came out in the second half, we just dominated."

FB Quadtrine Hill

[On the blocked punt and recovery for a touchdown]
"Earlier in the game I was sitting out on the tackle and blocking on him. But then on the play the guard was supposed to come out and block me. He thought I was going to take it to the tackle. So I took it to the tackle, but then I cut inside and by the team he reached out for me I was already gone. I never left my eyes off the ball and then I recovered it in the endzone."

[On the effect of the blocked punt that put the team up 20-16]
"Blocked punt or not, I think the team's energy was great in the second half. The blocked punt took it to another level because it gave us the lead. The defense started playing with more and more confidence. The offense had more and more confidence running the ball. Then it was over. After I blocked the punt and we took the lead, it was over."

[On blocking for Tyrone Moss who rushed for 195 yards]
"I think I had my best game since I have been at the University of Miami. I feel I was using great technique blocking. I don't know if I had any plays that I messed up on, but I think I might have had my best game here at Miami."

[On the excitement of playing well in a win]
"It is real exciting. We played a real good game and came from behind and blew them out in the second half. It feels great."

WR Darnell Jenkins

[On the passing game]
"We really didn't have to do to much with the passing game because Tyrone was doing a great job. The O-line was doing a good job of blocking also. The passing game opened up a lot, but they didn't let us go deep. Once we saw that we hit them for 15-yard routes and under because we knew they wouldn't let us go deep."

[On the performance by Tyrone and what you saw as a receiver]
"He was running hard. We just told him we were going to block the corners and the safeties for him."

[On his personal performance leading the team in receiving yards and kick returns]
"It makes you feel good. Everyone thought I was a little down, but coach Swasey, coach C.J., and coach Coker just told me to go out there and play hard. It is a team and we have to play together. Every opportunity I get I have to take advantage of it. "

CB Marcus Maxey

[On the team's performance in the first half]
"We weren't playing Hurricane football, period. We came back out in the second half and everyone knew what we had to do. It wasn't magic or any special thing what we needed to do. We just had to play Hurricane football and we did in the second half."

[On playing with energy on defense and the potential of the defense]
"When everyone is doing their job and what they are supposed to do, you saw what happened in the second half (18 total yards)--it is tough for anybody to do anything with the great defensive players that I play with and the great defensive coaches we have."

[On if North Carolina hit a point in the second half where they looked down]
"I think they were trying to psych themselves up for us and it just aint them. They aren't the 'U'. Us, we are going to bring it. We aren't going to let each other down and we are going to do what we have to do to help this team win."

OL Reggie Youngblood

[On the extra offensive lineman package]
"We used it a lot today and it worked pretty good. We worked on it all week in practice and then we used it today."

[On the troubles it gives opposing defenses]
"As you can see it was confusing. The first few times they were missing a lot of their assignments and confused."

[On receiving a lot of playing time at left tackle in the unbalanced line]
"It feels real good. I am getting more and more comfortable each week. I'm playing more also."

[On the running game]
"Tyrone was amazing. We opened up holes all day. He doesn't say anything, he just does it."

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