Leon Williams Q&A

The Miami Hurricanes need a big game from senior linebacker Leon Williams. Williams will be a key in stopping the Virginia Tech running game as well as defending tight end Jeff King, who leads the Hokies with four receiving touchdowns.

What are your thoughts on the Virginia Tech game?

"We are going to go out there and play defense like we do every week. Virginia Tech is a good team. They have weaknesses and some positives stuff about them. We are going to continue to practice to prepare for them and work on the scheme the coaches have for us."

Is Marcus Vick the scariest thing about Virginia Tech?

"Oh no. Marcus Vick is not going to win the game by himself. They are going to have to be able to run the ball and pass the ball at the same time. There are 10 other players on the field and he can't do it by himself."

Is defensive coordinator Randy Shannon going to try to make Vick into a passer?

"I think we are going to do what we do every week. We force teams to do what we want them to do whether its blitzing or playing in coverage. Whether they are going to pass or run the ball, we are going to have dictate that."

What makes Vick so tough?

"It is a combination of speed and being able to pass the ball. He is a threat at running or throwing. You have to spy or zone him a lot to see what he will do. It will be interesting to see what we are going to do. I really don't expect to do anything too much since we play the same defense every week."

Is this a game that the Miami program prides itself on when nobody expects them to win?

"A lot of guys look forward to big games like this when we are the underdogs. We look forward to every game, but games like this when our opponent is ranked real high, it is a challenge for us as a team to go out there to prove to everyone we are a legit team."

Coker mentioned the national championship is still a possibility, is this something you think about?

"We discuss, but at the same time you don't want to look too far ahead. We got four games ahead of us against good teams. We have to take one game at a time."

It is a battle between the top two defenses in the nation, what kind of challenge does that present?

"It is another challenge for us. Every week a team comes in and tries to test us on defense. Every week we have to show up."

What kind of mentality does it take to be a Miami defensive player?

"First, you have to have fun out there. The defense we have plays hard, but at the same time we have a swagger to us. We have a personality out there and we have fun. And all of the guys play together. We all understand how the defense is supposed to play."

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