Darnell Jenkins Q&A

Junior wide receiver Darnell Jenkins led the team in receiving yards and kickoff return yards last week against North Carolina. In his career he has 36 receptions for 371 yards and 2 touchdowns.

How important are the wide receivers going to be in this game?

"The receivers are going to be real important in this game due to the fact that they have one of the best cornerbacks (Jimmy Williams) in all of college football. To go up against him and make plays, the receivers are going to have to pull together."

How important will it be to have a number of receivers catch passes as opposed to just a few?

"It will help to have a lot of different guys because they won't know who to double-team. That would be better for us."

What have you seen from the offensive line?

"Every game and practice they have been getting better. We work on that every day in practice. Our O-line has been improving a lot. They came from giving up nine sacks a game to almost nothing. Tyrone is also rushing for more yards. They will be a big factor in the game."

What are your thoughts on playing at Lane Stadium?

"It is a loud. It is the loudest stadium I have been in since I have been here. I've been there, but I didn't play. I just want to experience the crowd yelling and talking, I like that."

How important is special teams in a game like this?

"Special teams is always a factor and a difference in the game. We need our special teams to step up real big. Against North Carolina we gave up a lot of yards on kick returns, but we have corrected that in practice. More than likely, whoever wins special teams will win the game."

A number of people don't expect the Hurricanes to win the game, how do you guys respond to that?

"We are used to. There are a lot of teams and coaches out there that don't like the University of Miami. We don't pay any attention to it. We just focus on what we have to do and when it is time to play, we just show up."

What are the keys to the game?

"Limit turnovers, try to score every drive, and just play hard football."

How exciting is it to play in a big game?

"It is real exciting. The most you would play in front of in high school is 10,000 people. This game will be sold out and it is exciting to have people say things to try to get you off your game. When you do good, they don't have anything to say."

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