Canes Lead Strengthens For DB

Ryan Hill had an unfortunate senior season. His team finished just 2-8 and obviously didn't make the state playoffs.

"It was a tough year as a team but we had a lot of young kids," Hill said. "I just hope I was able to show them some things from a leadership standpoint that they can take into next season."

Ryan Hill finished the year with 43 tackles, five blocked field goals, three forced fumbles, three interceptions, and eight total touchdowns.

"I'm still waiting to get invited to the All-American game but if not, I've already been picked for the Cali-Florida game," he said. "I'm looking forward to that, to show people what I'm all about."

The talented cornerback prospect is enjoying the recruiting process but one school in particular is starting to stand out.

"Miami keeps getting better and better," he said. "They look as good as ever to me right now. I watched that Virginia Tech game and almost wanted to call them and commit right there. They're just coming into their own, which is what good teams do late in the season. I'm really hoping they get a rematch against Florida State."

Hill, who has a visit set to UM for January 20, is still considering several other programs as well.

"I'm trying to get to Alabama this weekend but if I can't, I'll go on December 11," he said. "I'm gonna visit Ohio State. It might be the 11th or if I have to reschedule (Alabama) then it (Ohio State) will be a week later. USC's still in there. Florida state (too). It's looking real good for Miami right now, though."

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