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Jason Fox has emerged as one of the top prospects in the state of Texas and after narrowing his decision down to Miami and Texas A&M, he recently announced for the Hurricanes.

"It's not one big thing that made it happen," Fox said. "I just overall felt that Miami was the best place for me. I really loved it there on my unofficial visit. I loved the coaches, I loved the atmosphere, and I loved the program. It's just something I wanted to be a part of."

Despite knowing that UM was a place he wanted to be at, the 6-7, 265-pounder wanted to make sure he was making the best decision. That's why Texas A&M remained a factor until recently.

"I considered them hard but in the end, like I said, I just felt Miami was the best place for me," he said. "I didn't want to sacrifice the best situation for me because of distance. I feel like I'm going into the best situation for me."

Jason Fox, whose team won its district championship last Friday night and will begin the playoffs on Friday night, has drawn comparisons to current Hurricane Eric Winston.

"A lot of people have been comparing me to him," he said. "I really think Miami could help me improve and maybe get me to where he got to."

Another reason Fox chose the Hurricanes is because of UM line coach Art Kehoe and the impact he has on his players.

"I actually hung up the phone with him about two seconds before you called," he said. "He's done a great job there. Their line was struggling early in the season. They were making mistakes. He did a great job with them. They really got the job done the other night. He's the kind of guy you want to play for. He's real intense and seems like a fun guy to be around. That also played a part (in my decision)."

The talented lineman had a chance to watch the Virginia Tech game on TV.

"I thought it was an excellent game," he said. "Miami played absolutely fantastic. The defense played great. The offense was moving the ball all night. Even when some of the stars, the quarterback, the halfback, and the top specialist went out because of injuries, they never stopped dominating. That's the sign of a really good team that has a lot of depth."

Like most of us, all Fox heard during the week was how his future team didn't stand much of a chance in that game.

"I talked to several people about the game last week and nobody said Miami would have a chance," he said. "I knew they'd be ready. I don't think anyone expected them to shut them out the way they did but that's Miami. I can't wait to be a part of that."

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