Meriweather, Defense Having Fun

Junior safety Brandon Meriweather leads the team with 78 tackles and is one of four players with two interceptions. The Miami defense ranks first in total yards (214.8/game) and second in points (10.4/game).

Earlier today, Brandon Meriweather was named one of 12 semi-finalists for the Jim Thorpe Award given to the nation's top defensive back.

"That is a great honor," Meriweather said. "To be named one of the 12 best defensive backs in the nation is great. It would be even better if I was number one, don't ya think?"

When asked about other top defensive backs around the country, Meriweather responded, "I don't know anything about that, I just play football."

Earining national recognition for his performance adds to his confidence level.

"To know that other people think I am doing well brings a lot of confidence to me and to my teammates even though they already knew I could do it."

Eight games into the season, Meriweather evaluates his personal performance.

"I'm feeling good," Meriweather said. "I feel like everything is going right. I need to work on things to get better."

Regardless of how the season ends for Meriweather or the accolades he will receive, he will be back for his senior year in 2006.

"I'm staying no matter what so it doesn't matter," Meriweather said.

The defense forced six turnovers in Saturday's win over Virginia Tech. A lot of credit is being given to how much fun the team is having.

"It makes things a lot different because we are having fun," Meriweather said. "We were having fun before, but now we are having a lot of fun. Everyone is high-fiveing, jumping around, and laughing."

The defensive success starts up front with the defensive line.

"Knowing that our defensive line was going to be doing, it gave us a lot of considence," Meriweather said. "We started playing man-to-man defense and our safeties can do more, then our corners do their job. When the d-line is on, you can do more."

The defense has no troubles having fun in practice or during the games.

"That is just us," Meriweather said. "Having fun is just what we do. We do it against our offense all of the time in practice, but we just never take that mentality into the game until now."

"We just know we play better when we are having fun," Meriweather concluded.

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