Two Way Lineman Loves UM

Travis Timmons thought for sure his Gainesville (Fla.) Buchholz team would be headed to the state playoffs. After a 5-2 start, the team looked pretty good.

However, an 0-3 finish followed by a 6-3 overtime loss in a district tiebreaker caused Timmons to end his senior season on a sour note.

"It's amazing how you can be so confident one minute and the next thing you know your backs are up against the wall," Timmons said. "I still can't believe we finished the season the way we did. Mike, I can't even begin to describe the feeling."

To make matters worse for the talented senior, a late-season ankle injury added to the frustration.

"I'm trying to get it healed now," he said. "I played on it but it was bad for awhile. The swelling was bad. I had to play through it but the whole time I kept thinking that I could be making more of a difference. It'll be straight in about a week though."

Travis Timmons, 6-4 and 280 pounds, played on both sides of the ball as a senior. He was unblockable for most of the season at defensive end and he had a strong year catching the ball as a tight end.

"I finished with 45 tackles and seven sacks," he said. "I only had 45 tackles but over 20 of them were behind the line of scrimmage. On offense, I had 350 yards and two touchdowns."

Now Timmons is focusing his attention on recruiting. He continues getting phone calls from major programs from across the country.

"I just talked to Steve Spurrier about coming up there for a visit," he said. "I talked to Georgia about it. Florida's calling (Tuesday night) so I'll talk to them about setting up a visit. Those are three that I'm looking to set up in addition to the two I have scheduled already. I have Miami the weekend of December 16th and I have Florida State in early January."

Timmons was asked if any of those teams stood out to him right now and he began talking about the Hurricanes.

"Coach Coker called," he said. "I usually talk to Coach Sol(dinger). He's telling me how they wanna get my senior tape down there. It should be going out by tomorrow. I love Miami. Did you see what they did to Virginia Tech? Oh my, it was raw. Miami's defense is just plain nasty. Their defensive tackles are beats. They killed Marcus Vick all night and really whipped his (butt). I was enjoying watching it."

Timmons is being recruited by most schools as a defensive tackle but he's willing to consider playing on the offensive side of the ball if asked.

"Miami likes me on defense but they've mentioned playing offense," he said. "I wouldn't mind pulling a (Eric) Winston and switching to the offensive line. They've coached some great players. Me and my uncles (George Timmons is a cousin of his) were talking about Miami the other night. I'm really liking their situation right now."

Despite his heavy interest in Miami, the hometown Gators will likely be tough to beat in the end.

"They're starting to turn it up on me now," he said. "They do a good job of keeping the top players from around here at home. They have a good program and everything but I gotta see what else is out there for me and make sure I make the best choice for me."

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