Getting to Know: QB Pat Devlin

Quarterback Pat Devlin of Downingtown (Penn.) East High School, the newly crowned top passer in Pennsylvania state history and future Miami Hurricane, is adding to his record-setting career in the playoffs. Devlin gave us a few minutes so Canes fans could get an update since verbally agreeing to play for the Hurricanes.

CanesTime: How is your senior season going?

Devlin: "Its went well. We had our first playoff game last night, we won 26-21. I did good, passed for 390 yards, four touchdown passes. On the season Ibelieve I have around 2,200 yards passing, or around there, but not quite sure on the touchdowns."

CanesTime: Any recurring pain from the shoulder injury that kept you from playing in two games early this season?
Devlin: "Nope, it is doing fine"

CanesTime: What are your thoughts on how the Canes are currently playing?

Devlin: "It looks like they are playing great, Kyle Wright had a great game Saturday, the defense and offense are playing great, looks like teams are going to have a hard time trying to beat them."

CanesTime: Since declaring your intention to attend the University of Miami, how frequently do you speak with Canes representatives?

Devlin: "I talk to Coach Werner (Dan Werner Offensive Coordinator) on the phone about once a week."

CanesTime: What are your thoughts about learning from and playing behind Kyle Wright? Did you meet Kyle when you visited?

Devlin: "I met him (Kyle) when I went early in the spring to visit, he will be a great guy to learn from and can teach me a lot."

CanesTime: Have you thought about when you will head to campus to begin preparing for your freshman year?

Devlin: "No, not really. Sometime in the summer but not sure on that. I know I am not leaving early for school."

CanesTime: What were your main reasons for choosing Miami over the other schools that heavily recruited you?

Devlin: "Well, when I came down for the visit, I really liked the players and coaches. I met with a woman from the business school and I liked the way the school looked. I just thought it was the right place for me."

CanesTime: Do you personally know any of Miami's other recruits?

Devlin: "No, not really"

CanesTime: What can Canes fans expect from you from your first day on campus and throughout your career?

Devlin: "I think they can expect me to work hard."

CanesTime: If you were to compare yourself to any player, college or pro, past or present, who would you say best resembles your style of play?

Devlin: "I have not really thought about that ever, you've stumped me on that one"


Nickname: None
Date of birth: April 12, 1988
Most memorable athletic moment: "Throwing for 500 yards in a game and 5 touchdowns"
Favorite Athlete: Peyton Manning
Favorite Professional Sports team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Person you look up to the most: My dad
Any relatives who played major collegiate athletics or professionally? "Yes, my uncle Joe Devlin played tackle for Iowa and then the Buffalo Bills.(1976-1989)"
Favorite Food: "If its food, I'll eat it"
Favorite Music: "All kinds, from country to rap"
Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: "Hopefully playing football for the Steelers"

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