Tight End Impressed With UM

Konrad Reuland enjoys winning. He helped his team to a 14-0 record last season and his team is currently 10-0 heading into Friday's first round playoff game.

"It's just something we've gotten used to around here," Reuland said. "We put a lot of time and energy into this and it's paying off. Winning is fun, that's for sure."

At 6-foot-6 and 240 pounds, Reuland has caught around 20 passes this season with four touchdown receptions. He had 47 in 14 games last season.

"We haven't thrown as much without Mark (Sanchez) around this season," he said. "Plus, we're winning games by a lot so a lot of times I only play the first half. It's all about winning games though and that's what we're doing."

Konrad Reuland, who will play in the Scout.com/US Army All-American game in January, continues to get recruited by some of the top programs from around the entire country. He took his first visit of the season last weekend.

"I went to Notre Dame and had a great time," he said. "I really liked it. I'm definitely glad I went. The whole scene on gameday was amazing. Charlie Weis and all the coaches really had it together. It's a really special place there and they're definitely one of my top choices."

If his team continues winning and makes it into the 4th round of the playoffs again this season, traveling too far from home on Saturdays is going to be difficult.

"I'm going to Stanford this weekend for a visit," he said. "The week after, I plan to be at the USC/UCLA game (unofficially). I'm really looking forward to that game. UCLA has a chance and I think it'll be a close game."

Depending on what happens with his team over the next several weeks, Reuland is considering taking some more visits.

"With USC and UCLA, I know the coaches and I know the situations there but hopefully I can still make visits to those two," he said. "I've just gotta wait to see what my schedule allows."

If he were to take official visits to both programs, it would allow just one more on his schedule.

"I'm also hoping to get to Miami and Nebraska," he said. "The thing with Miami is that it's so far away that it would be tough for me to get out there during the season. A lot of it is going to depend on my schedule."

The talented tight end prospect said the Hurricanes are definitely still in the race, despite Internet reports that say otherwise.

"I feel real good about Miami's situation right now," he said. "They're having another great season. They're ranked third in the country, competing for another national championship. They got unlucky against Florida State, a game they lost but totally dominated. The tight end tradition at Miami is amazing. People call it Tight End U. They just keep producing and this year is no different. Greg Olsen's a key part of their offense and he's having a tremendous season. I talk to Coach Cristobal, their tight ends coach, on a regular basis. I'm trying to set something up with them but there isn't anything yet. If I go, it'll be after the season."

Reuland is not ready to single out any favorites.

"I really liked it at Notre Dame but I'm sure all of my visits will be nice," he said. "All of the schools I'm looking at are good academically and from a football standpoint. I'm trying to find the best situation for me -- the program that will take my the furthest. I'd love to play in the NFL one day and that'll be a big factor into my final decision."

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