LA Linebacker Focusing on Season

For Linebacker Mark Johnson (6-3, 227) from Susan Miller Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, his list of schools has changed somewhat priorities and time table have not.

"We are 8-2 going into the playoffs, they start on Thursday, we have been practicing all week for them, we will be ready," Johnson said.

Rest assured though whenever the season does come to an end Mark Johnson will be visiting several top programs around the nation.

"LSU, Cal, Ohio State, and UCLA are my top teams right now, they are all even," Johnson said.

Of those four schools Johnson has gone on one official visit so far, which was to LSU on October 15th when they played Florida.

"It was a great experience, great team, great atmosphere," Johnson said.

Johnson's other scheduled official visit will be to Cal on December 10-12. Also on Johnson's calendar is a visit to Columbus.

"I plan on visiting Ohio State once the playoffs are over," Johnson said.

Johnson's last two remaining official visits are still very much up in the air with several teams vying for his services for next season.

"I also like Florida, Washington, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona State, Miami, and Fresno State, in no order," Johnson said.

It seems some teams may be working more determinedly to get the U.S. Army All-American selection.

"Right now I would say I hear from, LSU, Ohio State, Cal, and Fresno State the most."

He hasn't heard from Miami in a while.

"I haven't heard from them since September," Johnson said. "It was Coach Hargreaves and he was just sayin they really want me and how i would fit in their program real well"

Despite the contact Johnson still has the 'Canes on his radar.

Besides his official visits Johnson has gone on two unofficial visits.

"I visited USC when they played Arizona and UCLA when they played against Oklahoma."

Johnson came away quite pleased with his visit to UCLA.

"I have always been going to UCLA games," Johnson said. "It was fun; they have a great team, great teammates from what I could see, and good coaches."

For now Mark Johnson and his Los Angeles Dorsey teammate's season is still going strong, so his recruiters will simply have to wait.

"We are just concentrating on the playoffs and winning it all," Johnson said.

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