Leggett Confident vs Georgia Tech

Last year against Georgia Tech wide receiver Lance Leggett scored the first touchdown of his career in Atlanta.

Leggett finished the game with 80 yards receiving, which remains his career-high in 20 career games.

When an athlete faces a team he has had previous success against it gives them more confidence. With Leggett, this is no exception.

"It is exciting because most likely they will be doing the same thing," Leggett said. "It may change a little bit, but I am looking for the same game I had last year."

Leggett recalls his 57-yard touchdown in the game.

"All I remember about the game was that post route," Legget said. "Coming out of the huddle Brock (Berlin) just told me to go deep."

Catching the deep ball is something Leggett does very well especially on post routes.

Last week against Wake Forest, Leggett scored on a 76-yard touchdown reception as he used his speed to run by the secondary.

"I just saw the corner come up and I got behind him, but then the safety came over--I didn't see him," Leggett said. "I released outside and Kyle just lofted the ball to me and I went and got it."

"I don't really get that many opportunities so I wasn't going to let that guy bring me down," Leggett said.

With the touchdown Leggett was the fourth wide receiver to catch a touchdown pass from Kyle Wright who finished the game tying a school-record with five touchdown passes.

"It was very exciting to see the receivers scour touchdowns," Leggett said. "Sinorice got his, then Darnell, and then Ryan. I was thinking I have to get mine. I wasn't upset, but going into halftime I knew I had to come out and score."

On the season Lance Leggett has 13 receptions for 187 yards and two touchdowns.

Last year Leggett had 17 receptions for 349 yards with four touchdowns.

He is not having the type of season he had hoped for during his sophomore season, but the 6-foot-3, 185-pound receiver from Bartow, Fla. is staying positive.

"This year has made me real strong," Leggett said. "I came out slow and now I am starting to focus more each week."

Junior receiver Ryan Moore went through a similar situation during his sophomore season. After leading the team with 637 receiving yards, Moore suffered injuries and had just 85 yards in six games.

"He just tells me not to worry about it, keep playing, and do what we know you can do."

Wright is throwing the ball very well according to Leggett which bodes well for the receiving unit. He threw for a career-high 319 yards last week.

"Kyle is coming along real well because he is putting touch on the ball now instead of just throwing it," Leggett said. "Instead of throwing a hard ball, he is using soft touch."

The Miami Hurricanes (8-1) are currently ranked third in the country behind USC (10-0) and Texas (10-0).

"We are just taking it game-by-game and hopefully we'll be in the national championship," Leggett said.

Christopher Stock is a Senior Writer & Assistant Editor with CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at stock@canestime.com

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