Coker's Post-Game Comments vs Georgia Tech

Disappointed isn't the word that could describe the way people in the University of Miami football program feel after blowing a golden opportunity at a BCS bowl with a horrific performance in a 14-10 loss against Georgia Tech at the Orange Bowl Saturday night.

No longer is the Orange Bowl the feared placed to play that it used to be as the ‘Canes offense never got in sync, but it's unbelievable how the ‘Canes which dominated Virginia Tech two weeks ago in Blacksburg lost to Georgia Tech, a team that lost 51-7 to Virginia Tech earlier this season.

With that said, Larry Coker spoke in the post-game press conference. This is what he had to say about the loss.

[In General on the loss]

"It's pretty obvious we got it handed to us tonight. We lost to a very good football team. The players played hard, but we didn't get it done."

[On Georgia Tech's blitzing and getting 7 sacks]

"Their blitz packages without question hurt us. We did better in our diamond formation in shotgun, but they made plays. We didn't make plays. That's the bottom line."

[On the feeling after the game and lost opportunities]

"I am disappointed. The players are very disappointed. Defensively we had some opportunities and did pretty well. Offensively, we had opportunities with field position and didn't take advantage of them."

[On not kicking a field goal with 7:16 to play that would have cut the lead to 14-13]

"In hindsight it would have been a better call, but we weren't moving the ball offensively so whether we would get down there again was the question mark."

[On the play of the offensive line]

"It's definitely regression. We didn't protect our quarterback very well. We've done that the last few weeks, but we didn't do that tonight. We weren't able to run the ball effectively."

[On the ‘Canes not establishing the run early]

"I think we really hurt ourselves on first down. Getting in long yard situations. It was run for not much and then get into pass mode. We were never able to set the tone for the tempo we wanted and that hurt us."

[On the different packages Georgia Tech show]

"They didn't do anything we hadn't seen before, we just didn't block it very well."

[On Kyle Wright's interception on the pass intended for Greg Olsen with 1:46 to play]

"We didn't need to force it the ball. We had timeouts left. We probably could have gone underneath."

[On the play of Georgia Tech quarterback Reggie Ball]

"Reggie Ball didn't show us anything we hadn't seen before. We played against him last year. That's what he does. He's a good football player."

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