Canes Lead For Georgia Star

Linebacker Marcus Ball is the younger brother of Georgia Tech QB Reggie Ball.

Q: How's your senior season going?

A: "Real good. We are in the semifinals of the state playoffs. We beat Parkview. Next we play Lowndes. We're trying to get revenge since they beat us last year."

Q: What are your current stats?

A: "I got 126 tackles. In my playoff game, I think I had like 10." (editor's note: Ball also had 3 touchdowns and 2 picks in the 20-14 win).

Q: How does recruiting look right now?

A: "Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and the three Florida schools. Tennessee is kinda sliding down."

Q: How was your visit to Virginia Tech?

A: "The visit was good. I'd rate it a 9. I'm supposed to be going to Florida this week but I got a game."

Q: Is anyone recruiting you harder than the rest?

A: "Everyone is recruiting hard. Coaches like to sit on the phone and marinate. The reporters aren't bad but the coaches get on and say the same stuff. Everyone is pretty much even."

Q: Do you have any other visits lined up?

A: "Not right now. I'll set up all (remaining) visits after the season."

Q: Do your parents have a preference?

A: "Nah. They are going to let me make my own decision. They will come see me wherever I am at."

Q: What will factor into your final decision?

A: "I don't know. These coaches, I pay attention to what they say, but a lot of it is irrelevant. A lot of them just sell wolf tickets."

Q: I saw your brother (Reggie) do work this weekend.

A: "Yep, we Ball brothers, we do our thing."

Q: Who do you compare yourself to on the pro level?

A: "A mixture of Sean Taylor, Brian Dawkins, Roy Williams, and Ed Reed. Take a quarter of all of them and that makes me."

Q: Seems like a bunch of Miami players.

A: "I think highly of Miami. Man, if anyone is my number one, it's Miami. I've been a Cane since birth. I've been a Gator and a Cane all of my life."

Q: Talk more about the Hurricanes.

A: "I just love the lifestyle, the way they play football. I love Miami. I got a lot of Cane people around me here. Every position I play, I feel like I gotta outdo them Canes -- Ray (Lewis), (Jonathan) Vilma, Sean Taylor, Edge."

Q: Who do you compare yourself to on the college level? A: "I don't think anyone is better than me on the college level -- maybe Jimmy Williams, my host at Virginia Tech. He's like me, he was emotional, plays balls out, every play with heart."

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