Canes Get Next Visit For WR

Terrence Austin is a 5-foot-11, 175-pound wide receiver from Long Beach Poly.

Q: How is your senior season going?

A: "Pretty good. I've got 42 catches, 830 yards, and 8 TDs. We are 9-2 and in the 2nd week of the playoffs. We play Servite (Friday)."

Q: You went on an official visit to Oregon this past weekend. How did it go?

A: "I just got back from Oregon. It was real nice. The facilities, the coaches, the game, the Civil War...the whole thing was fun. They run a spread offense, 3 WRs on the field, they throw the ball a lot."

Q: Who would you say makes up your Top 5?

A: "UCLA, Notre Dame, Oregon, Miami, and Arizona"

Q: Do you have any visits set up?

A: "I go to Miami this weekend, and Arizona on January 13th."

Q: Talk a little bit about your favorites.

A: "Notre Dame is cool, the coaches are very informative and answer your questions. They throw the ball a lot. I was up there for on official when they played SC. I visit Miami this week. I really like them, their history with their wide receivers. Look at the guys that have been there. Sinorice Moss is there balling, Santana Moss was balling when he was there, Kellen Winslow, nothing wrong there."

Q: What about USC?

A: "A lot of people around here want to go to SC. But I didn't have any contact with them, not hearing from them at all. I'm only looking at schools that are looking at me. From what I heard, SC has spots to fill this year and I guess they are looking at other spots."

Q: Do you have any problems going out of state?

A: "No problems going out of state. I have to go some place for four years, so it should be a place where I feel comfortable."

Q: What do your parents think?

A: "My parents are in my back pocket. They want me to make the decision for myslef, and are behind me 100-percent."

Q: What will factor into your final decision?

A: "Comfort level at being there. I also want to play right and be active. I want to be comfortable with the coaching staff, comfortable at the school."

Q: On the pro level, who do you compare yourself to?

A: "Santana Moss. We are similar size. I like who he can go catch the ball and how we goes and gets the football."

Q: College level?

A: "I compare myself to Steve Smith at SC with his route running."

Q: Have you given any thought to what you are going to major in?

A: "Architectural design or Business."

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