Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner Q&A

Dan Werner is in his second year as the offensive coordinator at Miami. This season Miami is averaging 29.7 points per game (42nd nationally) and 368.5 total yards per game (62nd nationally).

Was there anything in particular that frustrates you the most about Saturday's offensive performance?

"Every single part. We didn't play well in one aspect for the whole game. We were getting better each week and that was the real frustrating part. We felt we were getting better and did well against Virginia Tech, then we were almost flawless against Wake Forest, and then to play as bad as we did was very frustrating."

What adjustments were made throughout the game, particularly after halftime?

"They were bringing every blitz they could possibly bring. We were trying slide protection for a while, we worked on man protections because they were busting the sides, we were trying everything we could. We tried zone stunts, we tried throwing the ball down the field, and we tried screens, it just wasn't working."

How do you beat the various blitzes that you saw from Georgia Tech?

"It depends on what protection we are in. We are a pro-style offense, we have many protections. There are going to be some where we throw hot. There are some that should be protected and the quarterback knows that. If he thinks he is protected and someone comes free, that is when he gets sacked. They weren't doing anything that made us throw hot, they were just physically beating us."

What are your thoughts on going 1-of-14 on third downs in the game?

"Like I said, every aspect of our game was poor. On the third down stuff, we had a drop or two, some bad throws, bad reads, bad protection, bad routes...every time there would be something wrong. A couple times we threw screens and it looked like we were going to get the first down, but someone would miss a block and we would get tackled a couple yards short."

Looking back, are there some things that you feel you could have done differently?

"What I do after every game, whether we win by 50 or lose by 50, I critique what we have done especially if it is a team in our conference that we know we have to play next year. I write myself some notes. Obviously there are some things I would have done differently. I would have thrown more three-step drops, we only had one. The one we threw it was a bad throw. That is just how the game went. Everything we were trying--we tried everything in our arsenal. In the 70 plays that we ran, I called 52 different types of plays. Just nothing was clicking. Even when we would get on a roll there would be penalties or a sack. It just kept killing drives."

Do you sleep much after a game like that?

"No I didn't sleep. Someone told me a long time ago that I sleep like a baby. I sleep for about three hours, wake up, cry for a while, then go back to sleep. That is about how it was after the game."

How tough is it as on offensive coordinator to have fans think things are great when you guys score 50 points, but now when the offense doesn't produce, people are negative?

"It is not like I go read papers or get on the internet and say, 'oh my God, look what they are saying'. I come here and watch film all day long, put together a game plan, come out here and practice it, watch practice, get with our players and work with them to try to get better. That is all we can do whether we are winning or losing."

Your leading receiver, TE Greg Olsen, didn't catch a pass Saturday, can you guys be successful without him?

"Obviously if you look at it, we weren't and that is something we have to rectify. We did throw to him three times, but just never completed it."

Did the season opener against Florida State, in which Olsen had eight catches for 137 yards, force teams to stop him?

"That game was sort of different because of what FSU did coverage-wise. We are a team that is going to throw it to everyone. Whoever you don't cover, that is who we are going to throw it to. In that game they decided to put their Sam linebacker on him, which we felt was a mismatch. The very next game, they doubled him all game long, but we got it to him a few times. He is still catching a lot of balls and there aren't too many teams with a tight end leading their team in receiving."

Did RB Charlie Jones struggle with the pass protection since he is an inexperienced player?

"I am not going to sit here and pin it on one thing. We had protection breakdowns by every person at every position. There were some runs that were blocked well and the backs didn't see the holes well. We had were some runs that weren't blocked well. There were some breakdowns on pass protection. There were so many breakdowns on each play."

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