4-Star DB Impressed With UM

A.J. Wallace is a 6-foot-1, 195-pound cornerback from Maurice J McDonough HS in Pomfret, Md.

Q: How's your senior season going?

A: "It's over, as we lost our last game by 5 points in the playoffs."

Q: Now that your season is over, do plan on playing any sports?

A: "I was going to play basketball, but I am just going to get ready for the All American game."

Q: As far as recruiting is concerned, have you narrowed it down?

A: "Yeah, it's Ohio State, Florida State, Nebraska, USC, they just started recruiting me, and they want me to send them tapes and will decide if they will offer once they see them. Penn State, and Miami, and all are pretty much even."

Q: What are your thoughts on your leaders?

A: OSU: "It was a good visit. They have a lot of opportunities for a corner.

FSU: "They have a lot of young corners, but Coach Andrews said they weren't what they thought and I looked two steps ahead of them already on film. Nebraska: "Open spots everywhere. Coach Elmassian said that I may be able to play offense. I like the ball in my hands.

Penn State: "Upcoming program, said they need freshmen to come in and perform like Justin King and Derrick Williams. They need more speed on the outside.

USC: "Just started recruiting and want a tape. I put a tape together and my Mom is going to send it out tomorrow." Miami: "It's the U. Speed, they are looking at corners that are able to cover bigger receivers, will play bump and run coverage."

Q: Anything stand out on your visits?

A: "At Nebraska, when I walked into the stadium, everyone chanted my name. There wasn't a different vibe. It was a nice game experience. Everyone welcomed me with open arms."

Q: Do you have any other official visits set up?

A: "Just waiting to see what USC has to say. I definitely want to get down there. I'll also set up a visit with Miami."

Q: I noticed Maryland wasn't on your list.

A: "Maryland recruited me initially, but the coach that was recruiting me left, I didn't really hear much for them."

Q: What do your parents think? Do they have any favorites?

A: "They want me to make the decision. They just want me to pick a school for the right reasons and not where other people want me to go."

Q: What will factor into your final decision?

A: "After I do my research, then if I get a good vibe and if I have a good relationship with the coaches."

Q: Who do you pattern your game after in the pros?

A: "Sean Taylor"

Q: What about in college?

A: "President Bush is the man. The USC game on Saturday was the first college game I watched all of."

Q: Any thoughts on what you'd like to major in?

A: "Sports Management or Business"

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