Shields Still Likes Miami

Sam Shields made a summer commitment to Miami before making the decision to open up the recruiting process a little bit. He took an October visit to LSU.

"I still talk to them a lot," Shields said. "I talked to them last night actually. They're still trying to change my mind. That's a good opportunity there."

Unfortunately for the Tigers, Shields is thinking about backing off with his interest in other programs.

"I'm thinking about just backing off them," he said. "I'm sticking with Miami. That's where my heart's at. I'm watching them and thinking how they could use a go-to receiver who can shake people. I think I can be that guy for them, catching balls from (Kyle Wright)."

Sam Shields, 5-11 and 175, has been tearing up opposing defenses all season. He's hoping his performance will get him an invite into some of the postseason All-Star games.

"I have over 900 yards and 24 total touchdowns," he said. "The competition here is pretty good. We're playing in the third round of the playoffs on Friday. I hope people take notice of that and give me a shot in either the All-American game or the CaliFlorida Bowl."

Shields has a visit scheduled to UM for January 20.

"Me and Ryan Hill are going the same weekend," he said. "That's my boy. He's thinking hard about coming to Miami too. I talk to him a lot."

Perhaps the best news in recent weeks is the fact that Shields now has a passing test score -- on the ACT.

"Miami wants me to take the SAT at least once so I signed up for that," he said.

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