Army All-American WR Visits Canes

Vidal Hazelton (6'2", 200), a US Army All-American at wide receiver (senior stats: 41 catches, 922 yards, 13 TDs) visited the University of Miami this weekend. The Hargrave Military Academy student had a lot to say concerning his visit.

"It went good. Real good. I got a chance to spend time with the coaches, the players. I was able to see the campus and get to see campus life."

Vidal Hazelton was hosted by Lance Leggett on his visit. He also talked about his main recruiting coach and his position coach.

"Lance is cool, we are real tight, we are good friends. Coach Hargreaves is recruiting me. He is real cool. In fact, all of the coaches are real cool and real nice. I spent time with my position coach, Coach Johnson. I liked him a lot. I need a coach like him to get the most out of me."

What kinds of things was Vidal looking to see on his visit?

"I wanted to see what they had to offer, to see if they needed me. I got to meet all of the players and coaches to see how I fit in with them. I also was checking out the campus to see if it was straight and if I would fit in."

Vidal got to check out the depth chart and to see if he could play early, and to see if there were going to be any spots opening up.

"Depth chart looks good. But I really don't look at those types of things. You have to compete at Miami, and if I decide to go to Miami, I'd have to compete there. You have to compete wherever you go. I got a good chance at playing early at Miami, if I decide to go to Miami. They are losing two receivers this year, two to the League."

As far as the other visitors this weekend?

"I don't remember their names. There were 1-2 other recruits there that were with me, but I don't remember their names.

He talked a little bit about his other official visits.

"I have visited USC, Tennessee, and VT. They were all good visits. I don't want to name any leaders at this time."

Most kids don't decide to uproot from their home and high school to go to a structured environment like Hargrave Military Academy. He spoke a little bit about it.

"I decided to go there because I didn't want to screw around and I didn't want to get caught up…I also didn't want to have to go to prep school after my senior season. I'm doing good down here. My GPA is at 2.4, 2.5 and I am waiting on my SAT scores. I like the discipline here. It's not as bad as people make it out to be."

What is going to factor into your final decision?

"Look at how well I get along with the players and coaches, if the school has good academics, if it is a good environment, and if they have good coaches. I plan on announcing my decision at the All American game."

He plans on majoring in Business Administration. On the pro level, he patterns his game after the following players:

"Chad Johnson, because he likes to talk trash, Randy Moss, because he jumps over cornerbacks and catches the ball, and TO because he blocks, just pancakes folks."

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