Reshad Jones Q&A

Reshad Jones is a 6-foot-2, 180-pound safety from Atlanta, Ga.

Q: How is your senior season going?

A: "We got knocked out in the first round. So it's over.

Q: What are your stats looking like?

A: "I had like 15 touchdowns, 600 yards, 65-70 tackles and 2 interceptions."

Q: As far as recruiting is concerned, have you narrowed it down to a Top 5?

A: "Not yet, I'm still wide open."

Q: Would you say you had any leaders?

A: "Not really."

Q: Do you have any official visits set up?

A: "Yeah I got one set up with Miami on Dec 16th and LSU on Dec 9th."

Q: I saw you went to Georgia for an unofficial visit. How did that go?

A: "Real good. I probably will set up an official visit with them."

Q: So do you have a problem leaving the state?

A: "No."

Q: Do your parents have a preference where you go to school?

A: "Not really. They want what is best for me."

Q: What will factor into your final decision?

A: "Depth charts, playing time. I think I can play as a freshman."

Q: Who do you pattern your game after in the pros?

A: "I'd say, Brian Dawkins."

Q: Any thoughts of what you want to major in?

A: "Sports management. I think I want to be a sports agent."

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