New Name on the WR Radar

Chris Mitchell's senior season was cut short because of the hurricane season but that didn't stop the Louisiana star from catching the attention of college coaches.

In just six games, Mitchell was an All-District and All-Metro pick as a wide receiver. The 6-0, 175-pounder is busy with recruiting now.

"I'm actually having an in-house visit with the coaches from LSU in a few minutes," Mitchell said on Monday night. "A lot of coaches have been coming by."

Mitchell, who is preparing for track season in the meantime, had coaches from two programs in his house last week.

"Miami came on Friday and Nebraska came on Thursday," he said. "I'm going to Nebraska on the 17th and 18th of this month. Miami, Coach CJ came. He was talking about how I fit into their program and stuff like that. He asked if I was willing to leave the state. It was a good meeting."

Mitchell talked more about the Hurricanes and his interest in the program.

"It's a nice program," he said. "I never really got to know much about them. (CJ) kinda introduced me to their program. I'm gonna visit them sometime in January. It's the 27th, I believe."

Speaking of visits, Mitchell has taken one and has four others scheduled.

"I went to Colorado," he said. "It was alright. It was a nice trip. I was supposed to visit LSU this weekend but I have to take the SAT so I'm pushing it back. I think it's for the 20th of January. Nebraska is the weekend of the 17th (of December). I have Tennessee on the 14th (of January) and Miami on the last week."

The talented senior was asked if he's singled out a favorite yet.

"They're all even," he said. "Playing time is the biggest thing to me right now. I wanna be able to go in and play right away. I don't wanna have to wait around."

As for the possiibility of leaving the state, Mitchell said that's not a problem.

"There are a lot of reasons why I'd choose a school," he said. "It's alright if I have to leave. I have no problem getting away. I have to find the right opportunity for me."

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