Kareem Brown Q&A

Kareem Brown is a 6-foot-4, 305-pound junior defensive tackle from Miami, Fla.

Q: What's it like being a Miami Hurricane?

A: "There's a lot of tradition here," Brown said. "Anytime you put on a UM jersey, you have big shoes to fill. You better come in with the right attitude and just get to work. You'll play but just know your role and be willing to sacrifice. I'm really proud of myself as far as the direction of my life right now. We're coming back next season trying to make a statement and get the U back on top. I'm trying really hard to hold up the tradition."

Q: What's your best memory as a Hurricane?

A: "Winning in Blacksburg this year was great. People were doubting us, saying that we couldn't go in there and win. It wasn't a big shock to us. We knew that if we went in and played Hurricane football that the only team that could beat us was ourselves. It was a great feeling going in there and winning the way we did as underdogs. We were really happy."

Q: Not long after the emotional high of beating Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech ended your hopes of a conference and perhaps national championship run. How did you guys respond to that loss?

A: "You always take losses hard but we responded well. We strive to improve here each week. Our coaches put emphasis on improving yourself each week because if we have a team full of guys who are willing to do that, it'll result in team improvement. We responded well by coming out here and beating Virginia. There just came a point where there wasn't anything we could do about the Georgia Tech came. We didn't get the job done and needed to move on."

Q: Coach Shannon is considered one of the best in the business. Your thoughts on playing for him?

A: "Coach Shannon is really, really, really good for us. He's a great coach. I can honestly say that he's the smartest coach I've ever been around. He has such a good grasp of what's going on -- what other teams are doing, what their weaknesses are, and how we can counter. He's the best coach I've ever played for or faced. Plus, he's a great man who's been through the battles as a player and he has all of our respect."

Q: What's it like playing for Coach Coker?

A: "He's a great head coach. Look at his record here. He does a lot of good things for the program. He's a really nice guy. He's always cracking jokes and always has a smile on his face. Sometimes people respond differently to certain things but with him, it's hard to be negative about anything. We want to play hard for him. He'll stay till 11 every night and he's here at 6 in the morning. Just knowing that your coach is putting in all that time and working just as hard to help the team you're part of becoming successful, that makes you wanna play hard for him."

Q: You'll be a senior next season. As much focus as you'll have here, we know the NFL's on your mind somewhere. What do those three letters mean to this program?

A: "It's basically NFL U because of our system. We get a lot of publicity as a school and as a program because of our great tradition. We have the athletes all over the field, even along the line. The coaches play a big part of that. They're telling us the same things they were telling Warren Sapp or Ray Lewis or Willis McGahee and all those players. The biggest part about becoming NFL U is buying into the program and that starts with believing in the coaches. If you don't do that, your program's on the ropes and you won't be sending guys to the league like we have been."

Q: Where are you as far as graduating?

A: "My major is criminology. I'll probably graduate during the summer. I'm really looking forward to making my parents proud."

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