Coker, Shannon Visit Home of DL

Josh Holmes is gearing up for the Divisional Championship game on Tuesday. The talented senior is having a tremendous senior season. He currently has 60 tackles, six sacks, two fumble recoveries, and three touchdown receptions on offense. He'll have an interested visitor to his game on Tuesday.

"Coach Shannon from Miami said he'll be there," Holmes said. "He came out here already. He came out to meet my parents and stuff. He was just telling my parents how proud he is of me and that he'll be at my game (on Tuesday)."

Josh Holmes, who says he now checks in at 6-foot-1 and 265 pounds, has also been visited by UM head coach Larry Coker.

"It was kinda shocking," he said. "Coach Shannon just called one day and told me that Coach Coker would be here the next day. He came and watched practice and then met with me and my family here. My mom actually cooked him dinner. He stayed for about three hours. He was saying how impressed he is with my technique, my get off speed, and my ability to move and catch and block as a tight end."

Holmes had an interesting sidenote about the visits he got from the UM coaches.

"I know Coach Shannon has been seeing Josh Tatum from Oakland too," he said. "Coach Coker came to see me, Josh, the tight end from Mission Viejo (Konrad Reuland), and the Junior College lineman (Nick Ekbatani). They're hoping to get more than just me from California."

The talented defensive tackle prospect, a full academic qualifier, was recently selected as a finalist for the Player of the Year in San Diego County.

"It was kinda like a Heisman thing," he said. "No lineman has ever won it so that was cool to be chosen for that."

Holmes, whose UM visit is set for next weekend, talked about his plans after football season.

"I'm gonna hit the weights and begin training," he said. "I'm going to go hard because I have to start preparing for my career at Miami. They have a lot of depth and they have another tackle committed from Louisiana (Chaz Washington). I'm really excited about coming to Miami."

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