WR Impressed With UM

Melvin Patterson's senior season was over before it started. A knee injury suffered in a preseason classic caused him to miss the rest of the season due to a torn ACL. He battled back.

"I was so down after my injury," Patterson said. "I didn't know what was going on. I was so hurt. But I battled through it. Things started coming together for me. Everything happens for a reason and I began looking at the positives that I could take from it."

Melvin Patterson, 6-2 and 210, has been rehabbing the knee ever since the injury. He provided the latest on the injury.

"Everything's right on track," he said. "I've been running in pools and things like that. January 3rd is when I can start running on a ground surface. I'll be ready to go full speed in the spring and I even plan on running track."

Patterson, a full academic qualifier, has been dealing with the recruiting process lately. He talked about the latest.

"NC State is the strongest one right now," he said. "It's looking real good for them right now. Coach Dixon spent 20 years at Florida coaching receivers. He's a friend of the family, he went to my high school, and he was at my house on Sunday. It's a great opportunity there. They're losing four receivers and they run a lot of four receiver sets."

The talented receiver had his sights set on staying inside the state of Florida but things change.

"I always thought I'd end up at Florida," he said. "Things change. That was what my heart was telling me. I've learned through talking to various people that we have to make a business decision. We have to do what's best for us as players. I was talking to Cornelius Ingram at Florida and he was telling me that you have to make the best choice for you and not just follow your heart and go where your favorite team's at."

Patterson has been high on Miami from the beginning.

"When it comes to making a business decision, does it get much better than Miami," he said. "Look at all the great players they've produced over the years. Guys in the NFL making millions are coming back to work out with them. It's amazing. I'm still talking to them but they haven't offered. I'm not waiting around anymore. Coach Soldinger was straight up with me. He said they might have a spot open up late but he encouraged me to take my best offer if something comes along. I really appreciated him being honest with me and looking out for what's best for me."

The talented wideout has been on a visit to East Carolina and plans on taking at least two more.

"I have South Florida on the 13th and then NC State on the 20th," he said. "I'll come back and sit down with my parents and map out a decision. I'll make it on Thursday the 26th. I have a visit set for Florida on the 27th but I might even take it."

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