UM Commit Discusses Visit

North Crowley OL Jason Fox committed to the University of Miami in late October and took his official visit to Coral Gables with his parents this weekend. He spoke about his visit.

"We got there Friday morning. They picked us at the airport and took us back. We got to meet all of the coaches I got to talk to Coach Coker for a while in his office since I got there before the other recruits.

"After that we did an academics meeting, basically to tell us what is expected out of the student athletes. We then took a tour of the campus and then we went out to eat. After that, in the afternoon we watched practice."

What did you think of practice?

"It was intense. Those guys really got after it. It was impressive to see."

What did you think of the campus?

"It was great! I mean it was amazing and really beautiful down there."

What were thoughts of the academic program? Have you decided what you were going to major in?

"Great. They pretty much told us what they expect out of the student athletes."

He went on about Friday.

"After practice, we hooked up with my host, Eric Winston, who is a great, great guy. I had a lot of fun hanging out with him. We ended up meeting so many players and there were so many recruits there. I couldn't keep up with all of the recruits, but I did hang out with the other Texas guys, Emmanuel Moody, Ian Symonnette, Winston was also talking with Ian. They all seemed to be having a good time. We went out to South Beach and ate again and hung out."

How was Saturday?

"We got up early and had breakfast with the coaches. We then watched a great highlight film where players were talking about what it meant to them to be Canes. Kind of gave me goose bumps. It was great. I then met with Coach Kehoe.

"Coach Kehoe is a character! I cannot wait to play for him! After that we met with the coaches, ate some more at South Beach, then watched practice. Since I was leaving early Sunday morning, I met with Coach Coker, and he asked how my visit was going."

As far as other visits are concerned ...

"I'm completely done. Texas A&M was calling after I committed, but they pretty much stopped. I haven't heard from them."

Was it hard to leave the state?

"No problem leaving the state. I wanted the best place for me. No matter how far it was going to be, I didn't want to sell myself short and I had to do the best thing for me.

What was your favorite part of the visit?

"Watching practice, getting to meet all of the guys. It was really fun watching them getting after each other."

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