No Cali-Florida Game?

Canes Time caught up with Preston Parker after his official visit to the University of Minnesota.

"I just got back from Minnesota. It's a nice city. I've now been on two official visits, N.C. State and Minnesota. They both were nice, great places. They give you a lot to think about. It's different when you go on visits than when you talk to coaches on the phone. They say the same stuff, but the visits give you a lot to think about. They make it harder to make a decision."

We talked about his senior season.

"We were 8-3. I had 48 catches for 1,150 yards."

I asked him about the Cali-Florida All Star Game and if he was playing in it.

"Nah. I don't know why I am not in it. I didn't get a lot of stuff I was supposed to get. Just a bunch of politics, who gets picked to play and who doesn't."

Who are your leaders?

"Miami, FSU, NC State, Minnesota. And Georgia too."

Preston touched on the things he is looking for in a school.

"Playing time. The school has to be nice, the surrounding area, too. The academics have to be great also."

Who is recruiting you the hardest?


Who is your favorite coach to talk to?

"CJ. Coach Petersen from Minnesota. And Coach Cristobal also."

What receiver in the league do you think your game is like?

"None. I'm unique."

What do you plan on majoring in at college?


Do you see yourself making a decision any time soon?

"I plan on announcing on signing day."

With Parker's stats and being a 4-star prospect, how was he left out off of the All-Star roster? We both would like to know.

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