McCarthy Breaks It Down

Colin McCarthy took his fifth and final visit this weekend and the talented linebacker talked about that visit to Miami.

"It went really well," McCarthy said. "Just as far as football goes at Miami, it doesn't get much better. They win and play for national championships. EVeryone has a football mentality. They put a lot of guys into the pros and every kid who comes there wants to win and play at the next level. It's really encouraging being around that type of atmosphere."

Colin McCarthy, who checked in at 6-foot-1 and 221 pounds, was hosted by former teammate and close friend A.J. Trump.

"I was with AJ but I hung out with pretty much everyone," he said. "I was with a lot of the offensive and defensive linemen. I was with all the linebackers, the quarterbacks. All those guys are good guys and easy to get along with."

The talented linebacker had a chance to sit in on a defensive meeting led by defensive coordinator Randy Shannon.

"I met with Coach Shannon and we had a defensive meeting where we went over different schemes and getting people in the right positions," he said. "It was good getting to see how he interacts with the players. Then I met with Coach Coker and he just talked as far as my opportunity at Miami. He talked about what it means to be a part of their family. He answered a lot of questions for us too."

McCarthy went on the visit with both of his parents. He was asked what they thought.

"Both of my parents gave me the approval," he laughed. "They liked the school academically and everything.

Many people wonder how much of an adjustment it would be for a kid living in Clearwater to come to Miami.

"It's not much different because the campus is separate from the city," he said. "I like how the student population is smaller. Plus, five minutes down the road you have good locations to hang out like South Beach or whatever. You can have your fun there and as far as football or academic wise, it's like its own little campus apart from all of that." The talented senior has taken all five visits now -- Ohio State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, and Indiana. It appears to be a three team race.

"Right now it's Georgia Tech, Ohio State, and Miami in the running," he said. "I don't really have a leader. If I did, I'd be making a commitment and I'm not ready to do that yet. I'm going to California for the All-Star game and when I get back I'm gonna narrow it down and hopefully have a decision a couple weeks later."

McCarthy talked about the comparisons between his favorites.

"I really liked it at Ohio State but Georgia Tech and Miami were great too," he said. "The coaching situations at Ohio State and Miami are a lot alike. They're both big time football programs. They all have their positives about them. It's just a matter of me figuring out where I feel the most comfortable."

McCarthy, who is being recruited to play weakside linebacker, talked about some of the other players on the visit.

"Everyone was having a really good time," he said. "There wasnt anyone who didnt like Miami a lot. Marcus Sims, Andre Smith, Gerald McCoy, Jason Fox, a lot of those guys were real high on Miami. My roommate was Jason Fox and he and I had a chance to talk a lot and we really discussed a lot of what's going on. That was good." McCarthy is a full academic qualifier.

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